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Yoga Aid World Challenge Celebration

If you’ve ever been in a yoga class with 20 people, one can feel the collective energy within the space.

Now take that pulsation and multiply it by ten.

On September 9, 2012, hundreds of yoga teachers and practitioners Valley-wide will roll out their mats and practice side-by-side on the beautiful maple floor of the Imperial Ballroom Dance Center located at 7111 E. Tierra Buena Lane in Scottsdale.

The event was created to honor the local Yoga Aid Challengers raising thousands of dollars for charities worldwide.

“This is a powerful, transformational experience,” says Phoenix Yoga Aid Ambassador Christine Thomas. “How often do you get to move, breathe and meditate with 200 people?”

Thomas and her co-host, Steve Price, are planning to begin at 10am with asana (physical postures), a profound relaxation meditation technique called Yoga Nidra, and a gong vibration experience using five gongs. Following this experience, a vegan food and an open celebration of music and dancing will commence, giving yogis from various traditions and cultures the opportunity to unite.

Founded in 2006 by Australians Clive Mayhew and Eriko Kinoshita, Yoga Aid has raised over $1.3 million USD for charities worldwide. The Challenge has taken place in 256 locations including The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Tokyo Midtown, the banks of the Ganges in India, and Piazza Navona in Rome as well as many beautiful small-scale events in studios, parks and community centers all over the world.

All donations go directly to the Yoga Aid charity of your choice. There are six charities to choose from such as, bringing the power of yoga to soldiers, disadvantaged children, impoverished villages or environmental issues.

To learn more visit the facebook event page.

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