Make Moving Easier for the Whole Family

By Gretchen Pahia

As many across America watch the latest child move into the White House, it’s a reminder that while moving can be stressful on a family, it can be particularly stressful for kids. However, it doesn’t have to be. There are certain things families can do to save energy and time during the moving process.

Jacqueline Moore of, the company that made it possible to buy and sell homes online, says there are a number of ideas available to families. “This doesn’t have to be a difficult time for families. It should be fun and exciting,” said Moore. “We want to make the process as seamless and trouble-free as possible.”

As a way to cut down on waste and focus on growing technology and sustainability, Opendoor offers some can’t-miss tech tips for moving with kids.

  • Use Pinterest to create a wish list. Ask your kids to create a (realistic) Pinterest board of what they’d like to have in their ideal house. They may not be able to get a personal movie theater like Barron Trump, but it’s likely that a few of their wish list items are also on yours.
  • Visit homes together through virtual tours. Get them excited about what a new home can offer by checking out homes online or through mobile phone apps such as or Engaging online will go a long way towards having them get excited about the move.
  • Create a digital memory box. Acknowledge that you will miss the neighborhood you are leaving. Create a digital memory box by taking pictures of the people and places that mean something to your child.
  • Set up a teachable moment and declutter at the same time. Get rid of those unused toys and clothes and have your kids donate them to those in need. Research local nonprofits that support a cause your child cares about. You can even create a keepsake decorated with pictures from the charity as a reminder of the good you’re doing.
  • Use online invites and iMovie to share the experience with friends. Barron is said to be most looking forward to having his New York City friends over for a sleepover. Borrow a page from his book and use or to invite friends over for a party. Your child can also give friends from their old neighborhood a virtual tour of the new house on their mobile phone.
  • Sell your home online. Nothing adds stress like preparing for every home showing or open house –from shoving toys in the closet and cleaning handprints off the walls to making sure your kids have put away their laundry. Instead, take advantage of new sites that allow you to sell your home online so your kids hardly notice the process. Sites like make it possible to sell your home for a competitive price in just a few clicks.
  • Use social networks to engage in your new neighborhood. This is a stressful time for your youngsters, so help them get acclimated to your new neighborhood by signing up on free social networks, like, to find kid-friendly restaurants, the best parks, and even the best ice cream!

“When kids are moving, it automatically triggers stressful emotions about leaving their current home and friends behind,” said Moore. “Technology is second nature for kids. Using tech to engage children in the move will make the entire experience more comfortable and exciting for the whole family.”

Gretchen Pahia has 15 years experience in both media and public relations and is an award-winning television news producer in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Portland. Gretchen is a native to Arizona, born and raised in Phoenix, and a graduate of Northern Arizona University. She lives in the Phoenix metro area with her husband, their two children and their dog.

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