Cool Outrageous Stuff

1   Let Your Skin Do The Talking

Yamerra soaps and butters are rich in pure essential oils and herbs, and vitamins A and E. Each product is designed to restore the body’s vitality by healing and reinvigorating your skin and hair–all while stimulating the senses with natural elements. Products include Honey Vanilla, Lemon-Fire Bliss, Tangerine Grapefruit, Sultry Mango, Peach Peppermint, Ladies Night Lavender, and Jasmine Sage.

2   Aromatherapy For Dogs

SNIFF offers organic candles designed to promote your pet’s optimum health and well-being. Made with 100% organic ingredients, this eco-friendly candle combines soy, palm, beeswax and pure essential oils to deliver aromatherapy to your four-legged friend. Cheekily named, the candles are available in “Day in the Hamptons,” “Fart & Away,” “Field of Dreams,” “Splendor in the Grass,” and “Friends to the Rescue,” as well as our pet memorial candle, “Remember Me.” Part of their proceeds goes to fund animal shelters.

3   Gel-ly Mask

Don’t let the mask scare you. The Bella Semplice offers a variety of miracle anti-aging gel face masks that saturate your skin with hydrolyzed soy-protein, vital essential oils, hyaluronic detoxifiers, and plant extracts that help stimulate collagen and cell regeneration. Once the gel mask is applied, your skin receives an astounding 92% moisture saturation rate within the first five minutes. Bella Semplice currently offers five different masks, each with its own myriad of elements catering to each individual skin type.

4   Unlock The Broken Doll!

Broken Doll is an original, trendy new line from the creator of NotoriouStreetWear, Michael Redmond. The line features chic graphic T-shirts, casual T-shirt dresses, and stylish sweatshirts specially made from organic cotton and for teenage girls and young female adults who are looking for the next “it” brand. From her funky hairstyles to her sassy sixteen year- old gossip, Broken Doll takes style and creativity to a new level. It’s not just a clothing line and she’s not just a character. Broken Doll has set itself apart from the rest by blending the two for an interactive fashion experience. Follow Broken Doll on Twitter to see which celebrities she’s hanging out with and where she’s going to pop up next!

5   The KangerHanger Pouch

The KangerHanger Pouch Bag serves as a laundry hamper, duffle bag, garment bag and carrying bag. Even better, it’s a secured zipper pouch at the base of the bag, making it the ultimate 5-in-1 bag. Perfect for trips to the gym or traveling, users can store gym clothes and shoes in the pouch while keeping work clothes fresh and wrinkle-free in the garment bag compartment. Also ideal for recycling hangers, the pouch is just the right size to store wire hangers while protecting wearables. The KangerHanger Pouch Bag is available in six colors and two lengths.

6   Bottles Up!

The BottlesUp glass water bottle is created from recycled glass and is free of toxins. Designed with the human hand in mind — the midsection tapers and silicon rings provide “gription” allowing an easy, comfortable grasp of the bottle. The heavier design of the BottlesUp glass water bottle ensures it can handle the everyday tumble. For convenience, the bottle easily fits into most car cup holders and can greatly help the environment. It comes in 22-ounce and 16-ounce sizes.






7   Seattle’s Straw Garden

Straw Garden is a six-month installation built under the Space Needle and next to the EMP Museum at the Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington. Straw Garden mixes materials from the modern practices of restoration and erosion control with the design of historic Baroque gardens. It uses wattles-netted bundles of straw and coconut fiber, know as coir, laid out in the shape of a baroque garden pattern inspired by Versailles. The symmetrical pattern spools out in one corner to dissolve into a scrolling watershed form. Like a baroque parterre garden, it affords two views: on foot, at ground level and from above, in the monorail and Space Needle. The coir wattles are planted with perennials and shrubs native to the region. Over the summer, the plants grow and continue to bloom.

8   Costeau to the Rescue!

Gaming for good isn’t a new concept. But actually having an impact is another story…until now. Last month, social game developer SGN released an update to their popular Rescue Reef game that lets gamers donate to Philippe Cousteau’s nonprofit Earth Echo International while playing to save endangered species. SGN CEO Chris DeWolfe, who is also a founder of MySpace, and Cousteau hope the partnership will encourage more organizations to incorporate green gaming into their communications strategies. Download the app on iTunes.

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