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Agave Farms

The Ready Go Garden Kit System Helps Everyone Create a Garden

By Angel Fuchs

Nestled in the heart of the bustling metropolis of Phoenix, set along one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares, sits Agave Farms. Lush green life, plants, herbs and trees thriving on over 17 acres of land that would otherwise be a vacant lot on Central Avenue. 

Agave Farms

Since its inception in 2015, Agave Farms has provided the community with an urban agricultural experience, providing fresh produce and herbs to local residents and restaurants alike, as well as providing education and resources to anyone interested in starting their own gardens.

Today Agave Farms grows herbs ranging from catnip to chamomile; and veggies like artichokes, snap peas, collards, various kinds of lettuce, cauliflower, kohlrabi and so much more. It is also growing trees, shrubs, succulents, and roses—all available for purchase in various sizes and ready to take home to re-plant.

The idea sprouted when the owners of that parcel of land reached out to Mike McMahon, founding partner of Agave Environmental Contracting, Inc., a landscape management company, and asked him for ideas on how to manage the vacant 13-acre lot. Agave Farms grew and flourished from there. The  necessary permits were obtained and the Agave staff got to churning land and planting seeds. Due to the dry desert climate the farm strives to be “water wise” and implemented a drip irrigation system in their fields.

Your Own Easy Garden Via Ready Go Garden Kits

The pride and joy of what Agave Farms offers are its Ready Go Garden Kits, specially designed for anyone interested in starting their own garden.

“We liken this system to learning a musical instrument, but we’ve taken the time it takes to master it out of the equation,” explains McMahon. “Within 90 days you can be harvesting good, nutritious foods with these kits.”

The kits include everything needed to start growing fresh, healthy produce in virtually any space, putting ease and confidence into urban gardening. They have been uniquely designed to help anyone start and maintain a productive garden—no green thumb necessary.

“This system is perfect for small spaces such as patios, balconies, rooftops, even concrete slabs in backyards,” McMahon says.

The core kit includes proprietary soil, a full irrigation system, heirloom seeds, layout patterns, an instructional video, a seasonal planting guide, and a table designed to take the backaches out of gardening and eliminate the need for weeding. The soil is organic and composted to remove pathogens and provides the best possible growing environment.

Most importantly, the Ready Go Garden Kits were developed with the help of large-scale farmers, agronomists and microbiologists to achieve ultimate growth and nutrition.

McMahon explains that the entire system goes together easily, and if the simple instructions are followed, the consumer will be well on their way to fresh veggies perfect for salads, soups, and snacking. In fact, he is so confident in these kits that it’s the company’s goal to have 1,000 urban gardens set up all around the Valley within five years.

Helping Feed Others

Additionally, the company’s Ready Go Garden Systems have been set up to help the homeless at Grace Lutheran Church, as well as at UMOM New Day Center, with plans to build other at CPLC de Colores shelter and Thrive Arizona in Phoenix with intentions to help end food scarcity through education.

“There is a philanthropic piece to this,” he says. “Definitely educational for kids, as well.”

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