Wicked Hair Woes


If you think your hair is safe from hair-damaging hazards during the colder months, think again. The drastic changes in air temperature between the hot air inside your home, car, or office and the cold air outdoors can shock your hair, resulting in undesired results.

Kendall Ong, owner of Mane Attraction Salon in Phoenix, works with different hair types every day. From thick to thin and dry to dull, Kendall understands how hair is affected by weather changes, especially during the chilly winter months. For those who want a natural remedy for winter hair woes, Kendall shared some tricks of the trade that utilize home ingredients.

Winter hair shock can manifest in several troublesome ways. It might dry out, becoming frazzled and unruly, or light and impossible to manage. Static charge can build up, giving you a look that hasn’t worked for anyone since Doc Brown in Back to the Future. Static might also make your hair look dull and lifeless. Luckily, for each of these maladies there are several easy, natural remedies to get your hair back to beautiful.

The best hair care products can often be found right at home—easy and convenient! For example, an apple cider vinegar rinse can do wonders for dried out hair, making curls more defined and bouncy, and adding shine. This natural rinse removes product buildup, protects the inside of the hair shaft by sealing off the hair’s cuticle, restores the pH balance between the scalp and the hair, and provides your mane with a healthy sheen by improving blood circulation.

Other natural alternatives include blotting hair with a dye-free, natural, and unused dryer sheet, which usually contain a mild fabric softener. The dryer sheet can counteract the electric charge in locks that are prone to static. Common hand moisturizers and lip balms can actually do the same thing. If dullness is your affliction, bring your hair back to life with a mixture of warm water, olive oil, and egg yolk. Mix the ingredients together in a bowl, apply to your hair, rub and comb in with a wide-toothed comb, and let sit for five minutes before rinsing. But remember not to use hot water—you’ll cook the egg yolk, at least partially, and may end up smelling like an omelet all day!

Unfortunately, natural at-home methods don’t always offer the extreme results we’re looking for and we need a product specifically designed to combat our hair woes. There are a number of professional hair product lines that fit the bill, and some of the best are natural and environmentally conscious. Aveda, a company that started with just one shampoo and a commitment to staying natural and eco-friendly, now has an extensive line of hair care products that are all 95 percent naturally derived. The line includes Shampure™, which includes an aroma made from 25 natural flowers, and Brilliant, which is designed to combat and restore luster to dull hair. Aveda offer a treatment for every hair ailment, and its daily products are naturally based so they won’t do as much damage as synthetic or alcohol-based products.

Hair will never be 100 percent safe from outside forces, but with quick fixes and long term treatment, there’s no reason for you or your hair to get frazzled. For more information on Mane Attraction Salon, please visit www.maneattractionsalon.com or call 602-956-2996.

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