Vitamin C for a Healthier Future


Most of us have understood the benefits of taking extra Vitamin C, and over 70 percent of Americans are known to purchase some Vitamin C supplementation.  I recently had the distinct privilege of being asked to write a forward to a book about Vitamin C, entitled “Primal Panacea,” by expert cardiologist and esteemed colleague, Dr. Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD.

For years I have highly prized Dr. Tom Levy’s significant scientific contributions regarding the miraculous healing powers of Vitamin C.  I have heavily relied upon and referenced his previous book “Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins” for many years in treating patients and teaching practitioners all over the world.  Through Dr. Levy’s extensive published literature (with over 1200 scientific references), many now know which forms and in what dosages Vitamin C is the most beneficial – proving that the accepted daily requirements of Vitamin C are far too low for maintaining healthy cellular function and fighting off infections.

We must all learn what we can do to help ourselves deal with the myriad of health care problems we encounter, from minor accidents to the antibiotic resistant infections that kill over 100,000 each year.  High doses of oral and intravenous Vitamin C (taken orally in daily dosages of 4 to 20 or more grams a day and when needed, intravenously in doses of 30 to 200 or more grams a day) have been proven to help deal with some of our most challenging chronic and acute health problems.  Vitamin C is not just a nutrient, it is also a detoxifier or “chelator.”  I have been referred to as “the father of chelation therapy,” helping to bring a different weak organic acid, acidic acid (vinegar) in the form of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid  or EDTA to the world, and have chelated over 10 million people as an alternative method of dealing with heart disease.  Vitamin C is another weak organic acid (ascorbic acid) and is also a chelating substance.  The right dose and formulation of Vitamin C will stop every infection in its tracks, without needing antibiotics, and without detrimental side effects.

If you are facing some health issues and looking for a highly potent form of Vitamin C, I recommend BIO ENERGY C – a powdered form of Vitamin C.  It is specially formulated with GMS-Ribose™ for increased tolerability and better absorption.  Since plasma Vitamin C levels must be kept higher (100 mg/dl), I encourage you to monitor your Vitamin C levels with test strips called VitaChek C.  The special colored tab on the end of the strip, when exposed to Vitamin C via urine, it will change from dark green to yellow.  The brighter the yellow color on the tab, the higher your levels of Vitamin C.


I have patients who have seen near-miraculous recoveries from illnesses using the right formulation of Vitamin C -.  Those that keep the urine test strip in the yellow 24/7 have the best outcome in most conditions.

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)

President, Gordon Research Institute

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