The Power of Intention: How a token of love launched a worldwide movement

By Karen Langston

What do the Chopra Center, Windsor Castle and the Vatican have in common? Arizona’s own Marla and Scott Berger and their vision for healing and oneness on earth.

Marla and Scott met on a blind date two decades ago — it was love at first sight. Marla knew that what she had with Scott was more than just a deep connection. She knew their souls were destined for a bigger, divine purpose; she did not know what or when, but Marla knew it would be life changing.

Blessed with a healthy, loving family and a busy jewelry store in Phoenix, the divine purpose Marla sensed more than 20 years before unfolded. Scott was thinking about the perfect gift to celebrate their 21 years together that would incorporate Marla’s values, their four children, and their blessings. The vision emerged, and Scott designed a pendant. On the front was the Tree of Life, on the back the engraved names of their children written in Hebrew along with the number 21.

“It was the most beautiful gift Scott had ever given me,” Marla said. “I could hold my kids close to my heart.” 21 years later, Marla understood why the universe had brought them together.

This simple token of love launched Scott and Marla’s Tree of Life Foundation with the mission: “Changing the world one tree at a time we become one.” They designed pendant collections, bracelets, and medallions with the Tree of Life on the front and customized engravings on the back. They created items for a variety of causes around the world, including the Pope’s charity, A Chance in Life, and St. George’s House Charity. As their work became known worldwide, the Bergers were called upon by Windsor Castle.

Scott and Marla joined the British Royal Family and 23 other leaders at Windsor Castle to discuss how to shift consciousness and make a change in the world. After seeing the Tree of Life engraved on the doors of the Queen’s private entrance, Marla and Scott knew they were on the right path. It was at this moment Marla and Scott realized their Tree of Life Foundation had transformed into a movement dedicated to healing the world.

Scott later had a vision to metamorphose the Tree of Life pendant to a Tree of Life intention stick – the Tree of Life wrapped around a tube with messages of 22 words of intention. Although the Tree of Life intention stick has only been made available to the public in the past year, thousands of Tree of Life intention stick necklaces have been sold worldwide through the stories of transformation, miracles, and healing.

“When you set your intention, you are connecting to meaning and purpose,” Marla said. Marla and Scott have received thousands of letters from people whose lives have been transformed, health issues lessened, or healed by wearing their intentions. “Wearing the Tree of Life intention necklace close to your heart is your heart’s tool and reminder to give you what you need to shift,” Marla explained. “We have always had the power of intention within us; we have just forgotten how to set positive intentions.”

The custom-made Tree of Life intention stick necklace, produced here in Arizona, is a hollow tube made from sustainable, USA-made stainless steel, lead-free pewter, copper, silver or rose gold. The hollow tube is for the wearer to add intentions to express his or her wishes to infuse on the mind and heart. “I recommend one to three intention words, or else the wearer will become spiritually heavy,” advised Scott. The intentions can be switched as the wearer wishes.

The packaging and marketing material is all done locally through GOMPERS Organization, who are also on a mission to transform lives. A portion of the proceeds from every intention stick sold is donated to charities including Team River Runner, which helps veterans and their families to find health, healing and community purpose. To tie in the purpose of the Tree of Life, plant a tree with every intention stick sold in the recipient’s honor to give back to the planet and Mother Nature.

Every Tree of Life intention necklace is unique in that each is created with intention of the wearer and is personally blessed by Scott and Marla. “Until the story is truly understood globally, we do [the intention stick] justice and give proper intention to each one we make,” Marla explained. For this reason, you will not find the Tree of Life Intention Necklace sold in stores. You can find it locally at their gallery, Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry in Scottsdale, their boutique location inside the Phoenician Resort, or on their website

According to a 2009 study Investigación clínica, it has been shown that the energy of thought can also alter the environment. Studies on thought and consciousness are emerging as fundamental aspects and not as mere epiphenomena that are rapidly leading to a profound change in the paradigms of Biology and Medicine. Marla believes this day is coming soon. The Bergers envision a day where everyone has The Tree of Life Intention Stick on a specific day, fills their tube with the word “oneness” to set the intention for a world-wide healing and awakening of universal consciousness and connectedness.

The transformation is happening slowly; one person purchases an intention stick and ends up sharing with it another, who then shares with another, and soon tens of thousands people later, you have a movement – a domino effect. As each person shares, lives are transformed and healed.

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Karen Langston is a certified Holistic Nutritionist working with clients and professionals on how to have 3 healthy Poops a day. Poop well, be well.

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