Tempe Passes “Puppy Mill” Ban



By Nikita Boyer

The City Council of Tempe voted unanimously in February 2016 to pass a ban that would prevent the sale of commercially bred cats and dogs in pet stores. Pet stores currently selling cats and dogs from commercial breeders have three months before the ban goes into effect. Just one store is affected in Tempe currently, but the ban will prevent new pet stores that may open in the future from selling kittens or puppies from commercial breeders. This ban, which does not restrict purebred or small-scale dog and cat breeders from selling puppies or kittens to individual buyers, forces pet stores and retail operations to sell only dogs and cats from rescues or shelters.

One of the goals of the ban is to stop the commercial breeding and sale of dogs and cats raised in inhumane conditions. Another goal is to help the animals that are already waiting for homes, and to curb the number of animals euthanized due to lack of space in shelters and rescue operations.

Opponents of the ban say that it will punish breeders who already follow humane methods in breeding and raising their animals, but the ban does not prevent small-scale breeders from selling animals. The ban stops commercial breeders from selling to retail stores, and prevents retail stores from selling puppies from commercial breeders.

It should be noted that “puppy mill” is an informal term used to describe an animal breeding business that operates on a large scale, does not provide adequately for the needs of the animals in its care, and uses unethical methods to breed and sell baby animals. Most often, “puppy mill” refers to dog breeding operations, but it can be used as an umbrella term to describe an organization that inhumanely breeds and sells pet animals.

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To view the video of the City Council meeting dealing with this ban, go here.

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