PlantWarrior Superfood Protein: The Green Way to Stay Lean


By Bharat Venkatesh

Tired of the digestive problems caused by the highly popular whey protein and unable to find a suitable alternative, Joe “The Giant” and “Taekwondo” David decided to start the company PlantWarrior in order to develop their own natural, organic, healthy and ethically-produced protein powder made entirely from five sustainable and high-protein superfoods: rice, quinoa, pea, chia and hemp.

As with dairy-based protein powders, Superfood Protein provides a massive dose of protein and nine essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce, assisting the growth of muscle, the repair of the body and the creation of important hormones cells and enzymes – but without the side effects caused by the toxic ingredients used in ordinary protein powders.

Superfood Protein does not only benefit those with lactose tolerance but is additionally gluten-free for those sensitive to gluten and sufferers of celiac disease. The plant-based ingredients that make up the most of the supplement are not genetically modified, their clean protein yield is accompanied by a deficit in allergens and pollutants present in animal-based proteins.

As mentioned previously, the average whey protein is high in toxic metals and harsh on the stomach. According to the research attributed on the Superfood Protein Kickstarter page, many of the whey protein powders currently in the market “contain worrying amounts of arsenic, cadmium, or lead,” cause excessive strain on the kidneys, inhibit Vitamin D production resulting in a weakened immune system, damage the liver by elevating ketone levels in the blood, and may cause arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm) and even cardiac arrest.

Superfood Protein is already a full prototype, and with their initial goal reached, PlantWarrior should have been started as an official company with enough funds to place their first order. Additionally, one of the stretch goals of the company’s Kickstarter campaign is a 100% natural greens powder named Superfood Greens, intended to “boost immunity, alkalize your body and fill it with antioxidants and polyphenols.”

For more, visit the Kickstarter campaign here: and the PlantWarrior website here:


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