Is an Electric Vehicle Right for You?


By Elizabeth Hoffman

If you’re considering an electric vehicle, SRP is offering an advanced online tool to help guide you in purchasing an eco-friendly car.

The online tool calculates the electric bill impacts of the first year, as well as fuel savings of an electric vehicle, compared to gas vehicles. Lori Singleton, director of SRP Emerging Customer Program, stated,

“SRP recognizes that supporting electric vehicle adoption can help solve air-quality challenges through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.”

Not only does the online tool provide information to help customers decide if electric vehicles (EV) are right for them, it also has a calculator which offers estimates for state, federal, and local incentives; information about SRP’s electric vehicle price plan, which includes an off-peak period for charging overnight; and maps the selected electric vehicle driving range and public charging stations.

SRP is also providing other ways to support EV adoption, including the following:

  • Pilot EV workplace charging incentive: Research indicates that one of the most efficient locations for charging stations is at the workplace. SRP provides an incentive for its customers to adopt charging stations at their work sites. SRP also has several charging stations at various offices for its pool cars and employees. Visit for more information.
  • EV price plan:Residential customers who own EVs can sign up for the Electric Vehicle Price Plan, which includes a super off-peak period that encourages the charging of EVs overnight when energy is available at a lower cost. Visit for more information.
  • EV information sharing: SRP is offering a $50 Amazon gift card to encourage customers who own EVs to join the SRP EV community. This program gives customers a chance to partake in focus groups and surveys directed towards creating programs to fortify the adoption of EVs. Visit for more information.


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