Spence Diamonds Opens in Scottsdale, Creates Eco-Friendly Diamonds

Spence Diamonds_Austin Exterior

By Riley Hoffman

There’s something rocking the diamond industry…and it just opened in Scottsdale Quarter. Spence Diamonds is striving to create a safer diamond industry — one that doesn’t harm the Earth or exploit its workers through the arduous process of harvesting diamonds. Spence has perfected the Artisan Created Diamond, which are lab-created raw diamonds, completely identical to mined alternatives. The only difference between the mined stone and lab created stone is their origin.

“Using breakthrough technology, scientists have discovered how to replicate the process in the Earth’s magma layer that creates diamonds. Our Artisan Created Diamonds are created in a titanium chamber where gaseous carbon is converted into new diamond molecules using heat from plasma energy and extremely high pressure. During this process, which can take six to 12 weeks, new diamond molecules bond together to slowly grow until its desired size is achieved,” said CEO and president, Eric Lindberg, in an official press release.

Spence Diamonds engineers and handcrafts all of their jewelry at their headquarters in Canada. They have chosen Scottsdale, Arizona as the location of their third U.S. store in hopes of familiarizing Americans with this new approach to buying diamond jewelry. The other two U.S. locations are in San Jose, California and Austin, Texas.

Spence Diamonds_Austin Interior 2With over 2,500 rings on display, plus other diamond jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings, guests are able to peruse all of Spence’s offerings, including canary and pink diamonds, which are extremely rare occurring in nature and can be priced at hundreds of thousands of dollars. Spence is able to replicate these rare colors in their Artisan Created Diamonds and sell them at a far more affordable price.

Another unique aspect to Spence Diamonds is the customer service experience. Gone are the hovering sales associates, variable pricing and the pressure to buy. Spence has a wall of engagement rings in an open case, which guests are able to touch and try on at their leisure. These rings are made with cubic zirconium, not real diamonds, so there’s no worry of theft or damage. After purchase, each ring order is custom created in Spence’s diamond studio in Vancouver. There is something incredible knowing no other hand has ever tried on your ring.

“Consumers today care about where their merchandise comes from and whether it’s ethically produced, eco-friendly and socially responsible,” said Lindberg. “Questions around the ethical aspects of mined diamonds have been widely documented. Spence Artisan Created Diamonds eliminate these uncertainties. There is no physical destruction of the environment, no social destruction of the community, no holes dug, no wildlife killed and no transporting product around the world,” he continued.

Green Living’s editor, Amanda Harvey, attended the media opening yesterday morning and got a first-hand look at Scottsdale Quarter’s newest shop.

With free range to try on any ring, coupled with upfront pricing and an eco-friendly mission, Spence Diamonds is creating an entirely new experience around creating and buying diamonds.

To learn more about Spence Diamonds and their eco-friendly process, visit us.spencediamonds.com.

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