Solving Problems with SciTech

By Megan Noonan

Held every year in February and March, the Arizona SciTech Festival is the state’s preeminent celebration of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). The Festival features over 800 organizations showcasing the science around us with a multitude of events statewide geared toward people of all ages and professions.


The 2018 SciTech Festival is filled with innovation! Everyone from families to leaders of the industry and STEM enthusiasts will explore the STE[A]M innovations and wonders in Arizona.  Communities across the state will celebrate the state’s annual celebration of more than 1,500 events involving science, technology, engineering and math.

Now in its seventh year, SciTech Fest is the country’s third-largest science festival in the U.S. offering curious minds and creative hands many ways to explore STEM across the state via interactive events, workshops, exhibitions, displays, lectures and tours. There is indeed something for everyone as the Experience SciTech.

The Festivals impact is also a priority for Governor Ducey, to support building a robust STEM culture recently declared January 27th to February 2nd for the official SciTech Festival Week.

“Arizona’s STEM ecosystem is surging as we continue to attract cutting-edge companies involved in science and technology ventures, from global corporations to innovative startups,” said Sandra Watson, President and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority. “The festival highlights the positive impact of STEM on our communities, our future workforce pipeline and our growing economy.”


The Festival supports economic development by building awareness of Arizona’s critical sectors for long-term growth. It enhances partnerships between schools, municipalities, community leaders, and business and industry. Business and industry engage in the Festival as an essential outlet for informing the public, building employees’ morale, and influencing students’ academic and career choices.

Postsecondary institution involvement provides K-12 students and the public a glimpse of their educational and research offerings and the value of STEM education. Universities and colleges offer some of the Festival’s most significant events with a broad range of innovative learning experiences. Engagement in the initiative provides postsecondary students, faculty, staff and researchers an opportunity to communicate their passion for learning and knowledge with current and future students, alumni, and the public.

Meg Noonan is the Digital and Communications strategist for the Arizona Technology Council Foundation.

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