Use the Sun’s Power to Clean Your Pool


By Jennifer Gartner
By Jennifer Gartner

If you live in Arizona, chances are you also live in your pool. But the cost to maintain that summer oasis can often make the trade-off less than refreshing. Instead of laboring under the hot sun to skim your pool before diving in, why not put summer’s natural energy to work for you? Meet the Solar-Breeze NX, a robotic pool cleaner that helps reduce the cost and electricity of pool maintenance using solar energy.

The Solar-Breeze NX from the local Solar Pool Technologies, Inc. keeps your pool clean by skimming the water’s surface before debris has a chance to sink to the bottom and decay. During the day, the sun powers the device through two rectangular-shaped solar panels on the top. Energy remains stored in the device’s lithium ion battery, which is recharged each morning. This allows the device to work once the sun sets. Even on a cloudy day, the Solar-Breeze NX continues to run using indirect sunlight. It requires no cords, hoses or electrical connections and even has a compartment for chlorine tablets. Best of all, it reduces the carbon footprint that comes with a typical pool cleaner.

Denis Ruzsa and Paul Sim
Denis Ruzsa, Solar-Breeze NX Co-inventor and Creator, and COO at Solar Pool Technologies; and Paul Sim, Co-Owner and CEO at Solar Pool Technologies

Co-inventor and creator Denis Ruzsa is the chief operating officer at Solar Pool Technologies in Tempe, Arizona. Ruzsa and co-inventor Terry Maaske created the Solar-Breeze in 2008 to solve typical pool-cleaning problems and also utilize one of their top interests: solar energy. “I’ve been an engineer all my life and have been interested and working with solar for over 40 years,” said Ruzsa. “We thought, why not invent something small that fits into a niche? By creating Solar-Breeze we created a whole new category of pool cleaner – something that never existed.”

The idea for Solar-Breeze seemed obvious to Ruzsa, who always looks to a problem’s source to find the solution. “When you look at swimming pool cleaners of all types, they’re responding to the symptom and not the cause. Maybe the bottom is clean after running a pool cleaner, but the top is still filthy. Why not get all debris from the surface before it sinks? That was the whole genesis. Most of the time swimming pools are in the sun, so why not take advantage of solar opportunities?” Hence, the Solar-Breeze was born.

But developing a great product takes a great team. Solar Pool Technologies is now owned by Ruzsa and Paul Sim, CEO, along with a group of investors. Sim’s wife, Karen, along with Ruzsa’s daughter, Hana, are also involved in the company and care deeply about its mission.

“I think everyone has a role to play in sustainability,” said Sim. “Even if we can each find a small way to make a contribution, it’s important. If you look at this issue globally, we’re trying to find a way to sustain the planet as the world grows to nine billion people. If we’re going to be successful and not destroy the planet in the process, we all have to start thinking about making everything we do more sustainable.”

Since Solar Pool Technologies’ recent successful Kickstarter campaign, the company has sold 1600 devices in 42 states and 18 countries, and continues to generate high demand. For more information and to order Solar-Breeze, visit

Jennifer Gartner is a high school English teacher in her daily life, who enjoys the outdoors, hiking, camping, and anything that relates to preserving and maintaining natural resources. She likes to freelance write and sometimes indulges in fiction for fun. She lives in Phoenix.

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