SOCENT Summit is Focusing on Bettering Arizona Locally


By Riley Hoffman

Local First Arizona and SUSTAINWE are hosting a one-day SOCENT Summit to encourage local entrepreneurs in Phoenix towards taking that first small step in becoming ecologically conscious to help create a bigger impact in our community. The event will take place on Tuesday, September 20 from 8:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. at The Vintage 45 in Phoenix.

The SOCENT (Social Entrepreneurship) Summit will be an opportunity for companies to learn firsthand the benefits of incorporating elements of social responsibility into their businesses. The five featured panel discussions will explain how to begin standing out as a role model in the community, along with ways to create trust in your brand and increase credibility as well as attracting funders and investors.

Local First Arizona (LFA) is a nonprofit organization focused on bettering Arizona from the inside out, working to strengthen communities by educating consumers, business leaders and policy makers on the importance of a strong local economy and sustainable lifestyles. LFA is currently the largest organization of its kind in the country with about 2,500 members.

SOCENT will bring spotlight to two keynote speakers and five panel discussions.


Vincent Stanley, Director of Philosophy at Patagonia, will be the opening keynote speaker. He will speak about the exemplary clothing company’s mission to build the best product without causing unnecessary harm and implementing solutions to the environmental crisis. Stanley helped develop the Footprint Chronicles, Patagonia’s interactive website that breaks down and simplifies the social and environmental impact of its products.

Adam Goodman, president and CEO of Goodmans Interior Structures, will be theadam-goodman closing keynote speaker. Being the third generation to lead this family business, Goodman has helped adapt to a market of change and move in a direction that continually seeks to improve Arizona. Creating an organization called AIM to Make a Difference, Goodmans Interior Structures matches local nonprofit organizations with used and refurbished furniture that would have otherwise been tossed into a landfill.

With over 20 panelists participating, SOCENT features five panel discussion topics to direct the focus of conversation. The panelists are local business owners in Arizona who advocate for eco-friendly change in the community starting with the examples set by businesses. The panel topics will focus on Operations, Environmental Sustainability, Advocacy, Supply Chain Impact and Marketing.

Businesses and investors of all industries, large and small are invited to attend and learn new elements of social responsibility to bring back to your workplace to inspire and spark new ideas. Nonprofits are just as important to a community as for-profit businesses are. Nonprofits are encouraged to attend as well.

Additionally, there will also be a dinner sponsored by local eco-conscious Amici Catering company. They chose a menu theme that is representative of Arizona’s Native American Heritage, as they were the first localists. The menu is infused with unique ingredients like saguaro fruit syrup, heirloom tepary beans and drought-tolerant tepary beans, fresh sweet corn cake and strawberry cornmeal cake with fresh whipped cream; and more!

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