All Water is Not Created Equal


By Ivy Ciolli

As we embark on the New Year, we watch our resolutions flow like the tide. We soar on the surf of our new self, but there are times where we are tugged and pulled by the riptide of life. Our personal ocean can have unexpected undertows and sudden crashing waves, but somehow the tide always pulls back and balances out again.

Considering almost three-quarters of our body is made of water, we should pay attention to the water we allow to enter our life force. 

I am what you would consider a water snob. I prefer to go water-less than drink a bottle of purified water. Needless to say, I never leave the house without my natural spring water. What kind of water do I prefer? If I had it on tap, my water would clearly come from the secret sacred Harding Spring mountain water in Sedona off the 89A. Just pay attention to the line of cars on the side of the road hauling their BPA-free water jugs to this free wild water resource. People travel from all over the world to bottle this sacred water that shoots from the spout of a stone structure.

Why water is important

According to, “Next to air, water is the second most important element for human life. Without access to water, most of us would perish after three days. The adult human body, on average, is made of 60% water. About 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. Not to mention all the other living beings and plant life that hold water on our planet. As the late Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto published in his seminal book The Hidden Messages in Water, water is a potent carrier of information, a conductor of energy and vibration, a vehicle for planetary evolution.

“Because our thoughts and intentions can affect the crystalline structure of water—and therefore, ourselves and all other beings and the world—it is critical we choose our thoughts and intentions wisely. And it is equally important that we source the cleanest, purest, most naturally structured water from our environment.” 

I think it’s safe to say, water and beings are synonymous! 

Sedona Natural Spring

As cited in the article Drinking Water Sources on Conscious Sedona, “Sedona Natural Artesian Spring Water flows from a protected spring in Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, Arizona. Its origin dates back to the early 1800s. The pure water that formed the spring was generated from rain and snowfall in the mountainous areas far north hundreds of years ago. It takes anywhere from 800 to 1400 years to have the water from the precipitation to begin flowing as artesian springs. All of the area north of the spring is non-farm land and very mountainous, which produces a bountiful supply of clean, non-polluted, natural artesian spring water. 

“The Oak Creek Canyon Natural Artesian Spring was the water source for Native Americans who lived in Oak Creek Canyon for many years. They used the spring water for irrigation and drinking water. It was once rumored that Living Springs, where the spring flows, was a mystic healing ground of the Native Americans.”

Water cleansing

Back to our water ratio, have you ever considered a water cleanse? This is on my list for New Year’s resolutions to rebalance my vessel. There are so many benefits to water cleanses, such as curing diseases, detoxing, and mental clarity. I recommend “surfing” the internet to see how much it could benefit your livelihood. Stay tuned for next month’s article…

We are all wading through the currents of life, but remember, water is the foundation of our vitality, so make your water source a priority this year and for all years to come. Happy New Year and happy new YOU!

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Ivy Ciolli is a native of Arizona born with the innate desire to protect Mother
Earth. She is a wife, as well as the proud mother of Cole and Brooklyn. Her
days are filled with volunteering at her children’s school, and philanthropic
work involving abused and neglected children and animals.

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