Royal Palms Resort and Spa: Alvadora Spa & Kypris Brand Review

Aqua Dolce of Royal Palm Resort and Spa in Phoenix, AZ

By Voncelle Mull

Located at the foot of Camelback Mountain, the Alvadora Spa at the Royal Palms Resort & Spa is a hidden gem for wellness seekers wanting to experience the intimacy of health and beauty in a luxurious setting. The charming courtyards and stone-paved walkways appeal to guests that appreciate authenticity. The soothing Mediterranean decor, cozy fireplaces and enchanting gardens will certainly inspire guests to take a healthy break from the digital world.

The Alvadora Spa is conveniently located near the resort’s pool where guests are encouraged to indulge in resort amenities while waiting to receive spa services. As you enter through the large mahogany doors, you are greeted by the spa coordinators who welcome you with cotton robes and comfortable spa sandals. After a brief tour of the facility, the spa coordinator escorts you to your locker where you are told to change and meet your therapist in the relaxation room.

Alvadora Spa, Royal Palms Resort and Spa in Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America

The spa menu is extensive with Alvadora’s Signature Citrus Treatments. These highly recommended spa rituals utilize Sedona’s very own organic and therapeutic product line Body Bliss (  Guests can also choose from a variety of massage therapies like the Quattro de Palma, where two highly skilled therapists work in synchronized motion to deliver an extraordinary sense of relaxation and energy balance.  

The Vibrant Clarity Facial is perfect for those looking for relaxation and impressive results. For just 50 minutes, this heavenly experience offers guests a significant amount of pampering. Created by local holistic skin care brand Kypris (, this luxurious treatment takes you on a journey that aims to revitalize all your senses. Beginning with an aromatic neck, shoulder and arm massage, the facial treatment follows with a gentle cleanser designed to remove impurities and leave the face feeling soft and hydrated. The secret treasure that separates this facial from any other is the Deep Forrest Clay Mask. Inspired by Thalassic mud baths, this game changer combines a potpourri of medicinal botanicals that give you a gentle chemical and physical exfoliation, while the smell of Vetiver and Chamomile arouses feelings of opulence.

The exclusive therapies offered by Alvadora Spa include Spa Dehp (pronounced deep) which is guided meditation created by Josette Sullins. The dehp process is a transformative technique that activates the body’s innate intelligence to process life’s memories and experiences. Guests often see images from their past and various colors. New to the spa menu is Gong Therapy, which is a form of sound therapy that soothes and detoxifies the body. This is great for meditation and stress relief.

The spa has fitness facilities and offers yoga sessions daily. The riches of the Alvadora Spa are ideal for the seasonal wellness traveler, couples wanting a low key romantic date night, or the Arizona resident looking to take advantage of monthly membership packages.

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Voncelle Mull, LE, is a licensed aesthetician and spa industry expert. She is the owner of Well Served Media LLC and co-founder of the Southwest Spa Alliance. She hosts annual community wellness events that create rewarding experiences which provide useful health and lifestyle information to financially disadvantaged families and communities.

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