Reiki: A Natural Stress Reliever


By Sarah Gill

How would you like to try a new of destressing? Managing stress is an essential life skill that tackles a feeling with which we are all too familiar. The demands of daily life from our careers, finances, business, family, school and general upkeep of life can leave us feeling drained, crabby, and as if there just isn’t enough time in the day.

Reiki, pronounced “ray-kee,” is a natural energy-based relaxation technique used by thousands throughout the world. It is a natural system of energy that works with the chi, or life force energy, within us. Stress, whether physical or emotional, causes our body to become depleted and out of balance. These imbalances show up not only through physical illness, but emotions such as anxiety and depression. This is the body’s way of communicating that something isn’t right, and it is trying to get our attention.

In a typical reiki session, the recipient lies down on a massage table fully clothed. The practitioner begins by connecting with energy frequencies known as reiki symbols. The practitioner uses a set of hand positions to clear the body’s energy fields; for the recipient, this can feel like taking a deeply relaxing nap with a side of one-of-a-kind personal enlightenment.

Each person’s experience is completely unique to the individual, but results can include:

• Deep calmness and relaxation.

• Decrease in emotional stress.

• Deep insight and mental clarity.

• Aid in the healing process while recovering from surgery or illness.

• Help with anxiety or depression.

• Feeling spiritually balanced and centered.

Energy work can help repair and restore the depleted energy levels in the body, which are essential to maintaining good health and experiencing greater self connection. Caring for the body, mind and spirit are all equally important, and reiki addresses all of these areas gently and naturally.


025Animals can benefit from reiki in the same manner humans do. In fact, animals have a natural understanding of how it works because they are energy-sensitive, spiritual beings. They sense and instantly interpret subte energy fields and people in their environment without the filter that human beings, more often than not, live behind.

Domesticated animals like cats, dogs, rabbits and horses also experience negative and stressful situations that inhibit their present happiness and inner peace (as do all animals). Humans have other people to discuss their problems with for support – animals also deserve to be supported so they can heal and cope with experiences that may be contributing to behavioral problems or health issues.

Similar stresses that people and animals have in common include: 

• Emotional stress.

• Physical stress.

• Fear.

• Anxiety.

• Depression.

• Trauma recovery.


• Abandonment issues.

• Separation anxiety.

• Behavioral patterns.

005Reiki is a practice of complete heart-centered compassion and gentle nurturing for the soul. It helps us to be more grounded and aids us in finding the way back to feeling secure and safe in our bodies and environments. Both people and animals could use a little more gentleness, a little less stress and a lot more healing and relaxation in their lives.

Exercise: Take a few minutes to do a personal inventory of your stress levels mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Make a list for each. Do you feel balanced, secure and grounded in each area? What feels off? Do you love yourself enough to honor those needs and take action to support them?

Sarah Gill is a spiritual guide, energy healer and owner of Purple Unicorn. For more information and to follow her on social media, visit or contact her at

Photos by Araya Photography.

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