Publisher’s Note: August 2018

Hello Readers,

It has been quite the sizzling summer! Strides towards greener living have been applied to cities and businesses across the country. Between the major corporate coffeehouse, Starbucks, and the pioneering city of Seattle banning plastic straws, we look forward to the positive impact that banning plastic will have on our planet.

Positivity has been a significant subject in our office. When walking into a new school year or new job, it’s important to start off with a positive outlook. At Green Living, we have been using heartening dialogue to uplift one another daily. For example, when responding to “thank you”, instead of saying “no problem” (which holds a negative implication) try saying “my pleasure”.

As a magazine with the platform to guide others into a sustainable lifestyle, it’s important to remember with that power comes responsibility. The words we choose can have a major impact on the way readers perceive the world. All too often we are fed negative statistics on global warming and the looming prediction that oceans will have more plastic than fish by 2050. These are issues that must be handled with care, not used to stir up fear but instead as opportunities to inspire. We should to be focusing on the environmental victories we have accomplished because of our efforts!

Some good news: In October 2017, the Revillagigedo Marine Reserve was created to protect 92,000 square kilometres in the Pacific Ocean from fishing, mining, or other intensive resource development. This marine protected area is now the largest in North America, and will protect the incredible biodiversity that lives in this area including sponges, corals, fish and crabs. Technology is being developed and people are pitching in to clean up the ocean around the world. Tess Felix, an artist who Green Living has on featured our cover, turns discarded plastic found on beaches into works of art. On another note, more individuals have switched to biodegradable and compostable products and restaurants are starting to rid of straws. These are all successes for the planet that we should be celebrating!

Our goal for this month’s issue is to focus on the conscious efforts made each day by every one of you, emphasizing that one person really can make a difference. For example, Ann Siner, CEO and co-founder of the retail consignment stores My Sister’s Closet, My Sister’s Attic and Well Suited, is making major moves in reducing waste. Siner has banned the use of plastic in all of her locations. From shopping bags to employees’ plastic water bottles, all plastic has officially been eliminated. You can read more about her #H8PLSTC campaign in this month’s issue.

Also in this issue, indulge in pieces written about sustainable colleges throughout the nation, eco-conscious companies utilizing safe and reusable products and a community garden revitalizing a Phoenix neighborhood. Get inspired by these stories, and use it to find opportunities in your life to do your part! One simple solution you can make today, and every day, is to not use a plastic straw.

Thank you.


To Educate, to Inspire, to Empower,

Dorie Morales

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