Publisher’s Note: August 2017

“In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand and we will understand only what we are taught.” – Babe Dioum

We are living in a world that has 7 billion people and limited natural resources. We must come together and learn to live sustainably. We need to be responsible and take action based on the knowledge that what we do today can impact the lives of the people and the health of the planet in the future.

Sustainability education the way that people think and work toward a sustainable future. It is about including sustainable-development issues, such as climate change and biodiversity, into teaching and learning. We are encouraged to be responsible individuals who resolve challenges, respect cultural diversity and contribute to creating a more sustainable world.

This issue has feature articles highlighting childhood obesity, taking advantage of equity crowdfunding and what is happening in elephant conservation. You’ll learn how to get involved in what is happening with food in our school systems, what is trending in green education, how to optimize your dog’s brain and health and what a local artist and her daughter are doing to be eco-conscious.

It is summertime and monsoon season, so your pool will get dirty. We have information about a solar pool cleaner and a BBQ grill cleaner from a local appliance company.

Please support our advertisers — they are big supporters of Green Living magazine. And if you are ready to get out of the heat, join us at our August launch party on Thursday, Aug. 17 in Clarkdale. The Crossroads at Mingus is a community filled with Craftsman-style Energy Star homes with beautiful vistas of the surrounding area, from nature trails winding through the neighborhood to magnificent sunrises and sunsets for your own personal viewing. Meet us at 2021 Crossroads Blvd. in Clarkdale. It is a great way to connect with the conscious community and educate yourself about the community and all things sustainable. Enjoy local wine, beer and healthy food while mixing and mingling. Raffle prizes will benefit Local First Arizona. Check out our Facebook page and this website for more information.

To educate, empower and inspire,


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