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jojoBy JoJo Caramello

As a professional organizer, I am passionate about guiding and empowering people to organize and simplify their lives and surroundings. Helping clients get organized is a process and oftentimes goes far deeper than just eliminating the physical clutter associated with simplifying.

Clutter goes beyond the tangible things of which we have far too much. Clutter consists of having too much on our minds as well. An excess of “mind clutter” creates added stress, pressure and anxiety to our already busy lives. Like all forms of disorganization, mind clutter greatly affects our reality and sense of wellbeing.

When working with clients, I find one of the greatest stumbling blocks before, during and after the organizing process is state of mind.

What is mind clutter?

Mind clutter is holding on to the thoughts that create obstacles that get in the way of living the life you envision. Mind clutter consists of the negative, self-deprecating thoughts that support a belief system that keeps you stuck or repeating the same mistakes and behaviors. This prevents you from moving forward to create healthy new habits. Replacing mind clutter with positive self-talk propels you into the vision you have for yourself and the greatness you desire.

As with all forms of clutter, mind clutter spills into the lives of those we love and the people we come in contact with on a daily basis. Where is your mind clutter coming from? Whose voice is it attached to? Is it the voice of your seventh grade teacher who called you stupid in front of the entire class? Is it from peers who had no qualms about telling you how you could be pretty if you “just took care of yourself?” That voice may even be your own. Once you identify who that voice belongs to and where it comes from, you have the power to change it.

Why do we hold on to mind clutter?

When we continue with familiar habits, we feel comfortable and safe. Think of the negative challenges, habits and thoughts you battle with. What would your life be like if you defined your own success? For many, this can be scary territory. By clearing the negative self-defeating clutter of the mind, you can connect with your personal beliefs and let go of what others have imposed on you.

Helping clients get organized is a process and oftentimes goes far deeper than just eliminating the physical clutter associated with simplifying.
Helping clients get organized is a process and oftentimes goes far deeper than just eliminating the physical clutter associated with simplifying.

How do we get rid of mind clutter?

One way to clear mind clutter is to write yourself positive affirmations on post-it notes and place them strategically around your home or office. Find affirmations or write your own that resonate with you and lift you up. For some, these affirmations and words of encouragement may be personal. Maybe you are not comfortable with others seeing them. In that case, tuck inspirational sayings in your sock drawer, desk drawer, medicine cabinet, purse or wallet. What is most important is that you see them every day.

When clearing mind clutter, you need to be vigilant. Most negative self-talk has history, and it has been allowed to roost for far too long. Think of how it will feel when you let go of old thoughts and patterns and replace them with thoughts of love, enthusiasm and forgiveness for yourself as well as others. Are you constantly running late? Change your belief to “I always run early.” Do you put off paying your bills? Tell yourself “I pay all my bills on time.” Are you always tired? Flip that to “I have great energy!” No two thoughts can occupy your mind at the same time. Choose positive thoughts at every turn.

What you tell yourself becomes your reality. If you dare, declare yourself amazing, talented, enthusiastic, healthy, happy, active, successful, beautiful, loveable! What is in your mind manifests into your reality. It takes practice and persistence, but the payoff is limitless! You can do this. You have what it takes because what it takes is already in you.

As the holiday season is upon us, may you enjoy some peace of mind. Let go of the clutter that no longer serves you and show yourself and the world an accurate reflection of who you truly are.

JoJo Caramello is a Life Transforming Professional Organizer and speaker living in Scottsdale. Originally from Boston, she has been a small business owner in Arizona since 2004. JoJo is equally committed to environmental sustainability and strives for zero landfill with every organizing job by repurposing, recycling and donating excess to local charities. You can reach JoJo at 480-421-8363 or highermejojoc@gmail.com.

Find more health & wellness articles at greenlivingaz.com/health.

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