New App Helps You Celebrate National Park Service Day by Getting Outdoors


By Katie Snyder

This is a very special year for the National Park System as it celebrated its 100th anniversary this week! To celebrate, the ACTIVE Network, the leading global marketplace for activities and events, is using the milestone as a way to remind Arizonans to get outdoors and explore the new ways to appreciate mother nature.

And, they are doing it in a unique way. Through their latest application, Moonlight, Arizonans can get tips and tricks on how they can best explore what the state has to offer when it comes to outdoor adventure, camping and more. The travel companion provides an easily shareable mobile hub where all details and plans of an outdoor adventure can develop, making every outdoor experience, whether a day hiking trip or week long camping adventure, seamless. In honor of National Park Service Day, here are some great ways Moonlight can help you, your family or your friends get acquainted with the great outdoors this in a positive way.

Explore Something New

Whether you’re looking to get outdoors with your family or explore on your own, Moonlight provides recommendations by state for great adventures. Maybe, there is a place you haven’t explored. The easy to use mobile app will help users make a selection by providing a list of available places for camping and excursions. Much like booking a reservation, users can make their selection, choose travel dates and begin planning their customized trip, all from the convenience of their phone.

Camping Pastimes Get an Upgrade

What is the one thing all camping experiences have in common? A campfire! With the Moonlight app, your time around the campfire is enhanced thanks to a variety of available games, recipes, activities and even music –that can be enjoyed around the campfire. From recipes for things like s’mores or campfire hot cocoa, to recommendations on ghost stories and even songs for group singing, the app breaks down options by category helping users to ensure they make the most out of their experience with mother nature.

How-Guide for Outdoor Fun

If you’ve been camping our explored the outdoors before, you know the experience can be stressful. From knowing how-to light a fire to securing food from wild animals, the list of to-do’s to help ensure your trip goes off without a hitch is endless. Available in the app, are a variety of helpful recommendations and guides, including a tips and instructional how-to’s for common camping occurrences like how-to avoid snakebites, how-to create a portable washing machine, or even how-to pick the right tent site. Arizonans can now feel confident about getting outdoors, whether exploring a favorite destination or someplace new.

Ready to start planning your next adventure? We are too! Celebrate National Park Service Day by  visiting the Apple app store, download the Moonlight app and start planning your next outdoor adventure. For more information about the ACTIVE Network’s newest mobile app, Moonlight, visit their website.

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