Mrs. Green: Creating a Green World, One Step at a Time

GinaMurphy Darlingby Kevin Brady

Mrs. Gina Murphy-Darling, otherwise known as Mrs. Green, is the very definition of an inspiring role model. The goal of her website and live radio talk show, which airs on Saturdays at noon MST, is to create a community of people who care about our planet. Mrs. Green shares new and exciting information about technology, energy, automobiles, healthy living and more by hosting guest speakers and informing the listening community of simple tips that everyone can use on a daily basis to live green and in balance.  The Tucson-based Mrs. Green recently took some time to tell us about the inspiring world she’s building, one listener at a time.

During a trip to the Amazon several years ago, Mrs. Green began to fully realize the extent of the devastation to the rainforest and wildlife, as well as the impact our society’s pollution has on the rest of civilization. She knew that she had to do something about all of the pollution and waste destroying our planet. When she came back to Arizona, she asked herself and her peers, “How do we better this situation?” Since then, she has been working around the clock to help answer that question.

After that trip, everything about Mrs. Gina Murphy-Darling’s lifestyle changed in order to reduce waste and improve sustainability. Her family now shops locally and has an understanding of why it is so important to support local businesses, particularly the ones that hold environmental sustainability high on the priority list.

She says, “It is important to understand and remember that the first R is Reduce.” Her family has made a conscious effort to consume less — starting at the dinner table. They have reduced the amount of meat they eat every week for two reasons: they disagree with the poor treatment of the animals and want to do their part to reduce greenhouse gasses that are fed by the methane produced from raising animals and processing meat. They have also removed all toxic products, like cleaning and personal care items, from their home.

While she considers the Amazon trip to be a life-altering experience for her, it is not an isolated one. She recalls “Awakening The Dreamer, Change the Dream,” a symposium put on by a company called Pachamama that explores the challenges and possibilities of this exact moment in time and the role that people can play in creating a new, brighter future. Here, Mrs. Green had what she calls an “a-ha moment.” The symposium inspired her to find her voice and start working on her radio show.

As for how she chooses the guest speakers for the live portion of her show, Mrs. Green says, “We try to have a very diverse group of topics — not just sustainability — to present on every show, and we try to find guest speakers that have big dreams or that are significantly respected in their fields regarding preservation of the planet. Usually, what the person is doing is so creative and innovative that we want to give them a presence. We are getting a lot more people contacting us now because we have gotten more of a national profile.”

When it comes to offering advice on how others can live a “greener” existence, Mrs. Green says, “Take one step at a time. Figure out what you can do in your life that is manageable, and just take one step towards it. Stop using plastic bags and plastic bottles, volunteer at an animal shelter – these are part of preserving this planet. One small step is the beginning that will lead to something else even greater.”

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