Sustainable Style: Marci Zaroff and MetaWear are Turning the Fashion Industry Green

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By Michelle Talsma Everson

More than 20 years ago, green entrepreneur, educator and expert Marci Zaroff coined the term “eco-fashion” before it was the chic thing to do. According to Zaroff, the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world – an overwhelming statistic that her company MetaWear is looking to combat today and into the future.

Emerson College kids in Metawear tees-resize
Emerson College kids in Metawear tees

“With a commitment to ethical production, certified organic fibers and renewable energy, MetaWear aims to be the nation’s leading sustainable fashion manufacturer and turnkey solution for stylish ‘made in the USA,’ GOTS-certified [Global Organic Textile Standard], screen-printed and dyed t-shirts and other custom goods,” cites the company’s mission statement.

Zaroff, who serves as the company’s founder and CEO, says that the company has been a work in progress for three years and began to take in its first orders in 2015.

“First of all, MetaWear is a turnkey solution for sustainable t-shirts and other cotton goods,” Zaroff explained. “Say a company wants a sustainable t-shirt made; they don’t have to go everywhere sourcing every little detail. We have it all under one roof. It’s all sustainable, made in the U.S. Second, we [MetaWear] offer contracts for private label

Marci by sewing area
Marci Zaroff in her sewing area

manufacturing for major brands and are starting up conversations with several well-known brands for other projects,” she continued.

Zaroff says that MetaWear has worked with a variety of companies and organizations, including: Nature’s Path, White Wave, New Hope, Organic Trade Association, Earthbound Farms, Macy’s, Emerson College, 2Kidz and more. The company has also worked with eco-friendly films and is now “doing initial product development for a wide array of other  food, fashion, NGO and lifestyle companies.”

Zaroff and her team see MetaWear as a solution provider for some of the fashion industry’s biggest problems, including the lack of eco-friendly options for companies. “The biggest road block now is often navigating the supply chain and certifications; finding made-in-the-U.S. products with sustainable sourcing can be a challenge,” she said.

With decades in the green industry, Zaroff is dialed in to the pulse of everything eco-friendly and eco-fashion. Some of her accolades include: being a board member of the Organic Trade Association, Textile Exchange, Fashion Positive and Turning Green; and being an integral part in the development of the Global Organic Textile Standard and first Fair Trade Textile Certification.

Zaroff adds that not only does MetaWear provide eco- friendly solutions for the fashion UTC FRD tee-resizeindustries and its companies, but the company also helps their clients with marketing their eco-fashion products. “We provide a marketing tool kit to our customers to add value and help give them credit for taking a step in the direction of eco-friendly products,” she explained.

While her impact is impressive, Zaroff gives credit to her team – like co-founder Curtis (Cas) Shiver – for helping MetaWear continue to grow and thrive. She sees the future of her company, and the eco-fashion movement in general, as nothing but bright.

Today’s consumers demand transparency, and organic fibers are the next frontier,” she said. “We [MetaWear] are putting our feet on the gas pedal and going. I see us doing 10 times our growth in the next five years.”

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