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One life. One body. One chance to get it all right. As summer hangs over Arizona, it’s time for boys to become men and get serious about skin care.

It may not be important to some, but the harsh Arizona climate with all its sunshine and dry air can be damaging to a man’s face. Angela Justus, an aesthetician at Shapiro Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, Arizona, says there are numerous things men can do to keep their skin healthy during the hot summer months.

A man’s skin care routine should include a daily cleanser and regular face scrubs containing vitamin B and niacin two or three times a week, as well as an SPF 50 lightweight sunblock which can be reapplied throughout the day, Justus said. If you are a guy who is out in the sun, be mindful of the SPF number and remember to reapply. “On the SPF bottle, whatever that number is, multiply that number by the amount of time it takes someone to burn,” which is approximately 10 minutes, according to Justus. “That means an SPF 30 sunscreen, multiplied by 10, would provide 300 minutes of protection before reapplication,” she suggests.

As for more intensive treatments, she recommends microdermabrasion every few months. She said this is a very easy treatment for men to do because there is little downtime required. According to, microdermabrasion is a nonsurgical procedure using “tiny crystals sprayed onto the skin in a gentle abrasion technique that removes the dead outer layer of skin. It is basically an exfoliation and skin rejuvenation procedure. Age spots and fine lines can be temporarily improved, creating softer, smoother skin that has a younger feel to the touch.”

Not all the work has to be done on the outside; you can also take care of your skin by making good choices in what you eat and drink.
“First and foremost, drink water. Especially being in Arizona – clean, filtered water is going to be a big deal. The more we can drink, the more we can flush out all the other stuff that may be going on,” said Maya Nahra, RD, LD, a behavioral nutritionist. “Water has this ability to pick up junk or unwanted material in the body and flush it out,” she continued, suggesting that the easiest way to stay hydrated is to keep a bottle with you all the time. Not too fond of water? Throw a slice of cucumber, lime, lemon, orange, or strawberry in the glass to add a little flavor, or try some berries and melons, which help with hydration and provide antioxidants to the body.

Nahra says to avoid food that is overly processed with a lot of additives and preservatives, and warns about the dehydrating effects of too many caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea and soda.

“The body has to work harder to get those out of the body because it’s seen as a non-food item,” said Nahra. “In essence, what is going to happen is, it has to work to get that particulate out of the body. It’s got to exit the body somehow and in the summertime it’s going to come out of the skin because we sweat more in summer.”

Proper skin care is important at any age. Remember when choosing skincare products to look for paraben- and phthalate-free products, as these ingredients have been linked to cancer.

Angela Justus,
Maya Nahra, RD, LD, The Behavioral Nutrition Expert; Founder, My Intentful Life,
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