Manifesting Metastreems


By Kevin Galbraith

The story of how something comes to be is often as important as the product itself. This statement is absolutely the case in describing a company tucked away in the hills above Scottsdale, Arizona.

Metastreems is not just another company offering healing gemstone products. It takes only a short conversation with the founder, Cris Olson, to uncover the beauty within.

Where it began

Olson’s odyssey began in 2006 when he was overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning in his home. As he recalls the incident, he remembers that his two dogs pulled him, unconscious, out of the house— and this is where he believes that he “crossed over” with a near-death experience.

After recovering, Olson began to see “colorful energy” around people and plants. His life changed after that experience.

“Several people found me and became my teachers and mentors,” he says. “They helped me understand what I was going through and figure out my new ability and wrap my mind around it. I started seeing things that needed to be built using these principles.”

He began building things using sacred geometry.

Given this second chance at life, he realized that he was given the opportunity to help others in their healing process. When Olson’s own products were used to heal his injured hand, he knew he was on to something.

“I like to break myself,” he recalls. “I was in a terrible motorcycle accident,
which resulted with one of my hands being amputated. Around Christmas last year, I was at a show and this guy walks up and used one of my pieces to heal my hand.”

Purpose into product

After that he knew what he needed to—and Metastreems was born.

The broad and intentional product line provides an abundance of inspired tools for healing and well being. The intricate designs on the company’s rings and charms makes one appreciate the beauty of the sacred geometry involved in healing. Other products, such as the polished, natural crystal-filled “Pen-ergy,” offer practical, multipurpose tools that can be a joy to use. The company’s varying product line is sure to have something that will please everyone, Olson believes.

The company’s dedicated team is focused on bringing healing, love and harmonious unity to everyone.

It is said that when things are “off,” to go back to your roots. That is just what Olson did with his art. He comes from a family of jewelers. So, going back to his ancestral
skills as a jeweler, he channeled his desire to help others to enjoy the same gifts of healing. The sacred alchemy that is Metastreems is the result of combining the talents of passionate artisans and healers. On the homepage of Metastreems is the
mission statement: “Our goal is to bring it all together in a way that also brings people, healing, and happiness together: Awake. Relate. Resonate.” For more information, visit

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Kevin Galbraith is a grateful, compassionate, loving being who focuses on spreading love via art, music, and written word. He is especially inspired when he is able to see and remind others of their inherent beauty and goodness. Kevin currently lives in the western U.S. and spends his free time researching green technologies and minimalist lifestyles.

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