Lemonade Stand Book a Beacon For Strong Women

Lemonade Stand

Inspired by the series “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” The Lemonade Stand offers its own twist to the concept by sharing real stories of courage and vulnerability.  The contributors are each unique with stories within The Lemonade Stand ranging from surviving stage-four cancer to being sentenced to prison for white-collar crime. No matter how traumatic the ordeal, the commonality of the lemonade stories is that health, joy, and success do return and are waiting on the other side of calamity.

Since the release of the book, there has been a growing following based on the ideals and the principles of the book of having a vision stronger than your fear. A community has been created where members can experience personal and professional growth in an environment that is supportive, educational, accepting, and encourages showing the vulnerable side of yourself in a safe and nurturing place. Buy the book and embrace the grace of each powerful story. Join the movement and be a part of a cutting-edge group blending healthy mind, body, and soul, with business resources to take yourself to the next level. Find the Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/lemonadelegend/ 

The book launched Globally as a #1 New Release on December 4th via Amazon. It is currently available for free as part of the Kindle Unlimited subscription, $16.95 as a paperback, or $4.99 if you don’t have a Kindle Unlimited thanks to their current discount of $5 on any Kindle purchase.

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