Feature Story Update: Big Changes for Kid Against Chemo

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By “Alisha Bee” Forrester Scott

In the cover article of the February 2015 issue of Green Living magazine, you met Jared Bucey, a 17 year old who replaced chemotherapy treatments with holistic home care after being diagnosed with Stage-4 Lymphoma. Today, the self- proclaimed Kid Against Chemo has an excellent bill of health, strong energy levels, and a complete lack of pain.

Jared is now a public speaker who focuses on improving post-diagnosis education for children and their parents. Jared’s mother Lisa, who became her son’s de facto holistic health advocate after his decision, now practices as a certified nutritionist and is aligned with several major professional health advocacy groups.

pure6In a new interview with Jared and Lisa, I see that now they are individuals who have made it to the “other side” of a grave health crisis. The effects of his healing are apparent, but the remission of his cancer without chemotherapy is no longer the whole story. I have discovered that they have each since found their unique life missions.

GL: Jared, are there any exciting plans on your horizon?

JARED: I’m currently writing my autobiography. I’m working towards my dream of opening a natural wellness clinic, so kids and people can slow down to actually enjoy the process of healing. My mom got her nutritionist certification, and we have a new website where we offer monthly cooking classes. We regularly talk to people from all over the world, and we have met many great people.

GL: Are you continuing the treatments you were doing when you were battling cancer? (ie: juicing, sauna, massage therapy, etc.) How are you feeling since your 1-year anniversary of being cancer free?

JARED: I am feeling fantastic. I do all the same treatments that I did while I had cancer, and I’m following my doctor’s recommendation to continue on it for two years. I will continue to live like this, because it’s a lifestyle change and really isn’t an inconvenience. This nourishing lifestyle has become a series of good habits.

GL: Lisa, what is an average day of detox wellness like at your house?

LISA: You’ll find us rebounding on the trampoline to move lymph, and venturing outdoors for walking and hiking. We use the far infrared sauna, eat organic food, stay hydrated, and enjoy daily meditation. Jared says that he likes eating “real food.” He gets out into nature daily, and meditates to keep himself grounded.

GL: How much have you learned about health as a continuum since Jared first reversed his serAlexs eventious health condition?

JARED: I have learned a lot about food and the true differences between organic and processed, and how to keep your body well as a whole.

LISA: I received my nutritionist certification, and I love to be a health coach to many people. It’s exciting for me, and I’ve learned more than I ever thought possible. I’m still learning every day.

GL: Three words to describe how you feel right now? What is your current personal health mission?

JARED: I feel happy, excited and peaceful. My mission is to stay healthy and continue what I am doing.

LISA: I feel enlightened, healthy and inspired. My current personal health mission is to continue to be in the best health I can and continue to share and help others.

Since 2014, Jared’s “Kid Against Chemo” Facebook page has grown to over 17,000 likes. “Ultimately,” said Lisa, “I feel we each have to love ourselves enough to love our individual health.”

For more information, read our initial story about Jared on our website at greenlivingaz.com/kidagainstchemo. Visit Jared and Lisa’s official website at loveyourselfloveyourhealthnaturally.com.

“Alisha Bee” Forrester Scott is a native of Arizona and an independent writer who advocates for freedom of natural health and wellness. You can reach her at alishabee@alishabee.com.

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