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by John and Jennifer Burkhart

Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but cooler temperatures are coming (it would be a stretch to call it “winter” as much as we would like to make that Game of Thrones reference). Along with the fun fall activities and cozy clothes, we get to dish up all the yummy food that seemed a ridiculous notion when it was 112 degrees outside. Get ready to restock your pantry with quick, simple and portable instant oatmeal. It was easy to find a variety of flavors that were organic or non-GMO, and even certified gluten-free.

Nature’s Path Organic  | Optimum Power Blueberry Cinnamon Flax

naturespathblueberryHE SAID: This is a BYOB oatmeal, as in Bring Your Own Blueberries, because there were hardly any in the packet. I thought it was just bad luck at first, but now I think it’s by design because blueberries are the last solid ingredient on the list. If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s false advertising.

He gave it: 

SHE SAID: If you’re going to include “blueberry” in the name, you may want to include it in the product. I maybe tasted two tiny hints of blueberry in this oatmeal. That was disappointing. It did have a creamy texture, aside from the flax seeds, and could’ve used some sweetener.

She gave it: ★★

365 Organic  | Apple Cinnamon

365 OrganicHE SAID: There are food combinations in this world, like peanut butter and jelly or peas and carrots, that just seem like they were designed to go together. This oatmeal has one of my favorite of those combos – tart green apples and cinnamon spice. They could make anything taste good.

He gave it: ★★★★

SHE SAID: This classic flavor did not disappoint. I loved the tart apples and strong cinnamon flavor. Plus, no microwave is needed – just add boiling water for a perfectly sweet and creamy breakfast.

She gave it: ★★★★★

Glutenfreeda | Banana Maple with Flax, Non-GMO Verified, Certified Gluten-Free

glutenfreedaHE SAID: Looking for certified gluten-free products? Miss “Freeda” is your girl! Although these oats were a bit of a one-note song, the banana maple flavor was good. I’d suggest adding some nuts to vary the taste and texture.

He gave it: ★★★

SHE SAID: This is great if you don’t like sugary oatmeal. The soft banana bits were plentiful and sweet. The boiling water method was ok and still produced a creamy cereal, but it left a few raw pieces. The microwave would work better – along with combining 2-3 packets, if you have an appetite like mine!

She gave it: ★★★

Bakery on Main | Strawberry Shortcake, Non-GMO Verified, Certified Gluten-Free

Bakery on MainHE SAID: Definitely the sweetest of the bunch. This one was almost a dessert. It had a nice mellow strawberry shortcake flavor with an occasional sour zip of a freeze-dried strawberry. It was a little too sweet for my taste buds; I didn’t make it through the whole bowl. Might be a good one for the kiddos, though.

He gave it: ★★★

SHE SAID: Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits, so I was excited (well, as excited as one can get about oatmeal) to try this variety pack with “strawberry shortcake.” It was tasty! Tons of dried strawberry pieces and enough multi-grains to up the fiber and protein more than the other brands.

She gave it: ★★★★

Purely Elizabeth | Cranberry Pumpkin Seed, USDA Organic, Certified Gluten-Free

Purely-Elizabeth-Ancient-Grain-Oatmeal-Cranberry-Pumpkin-Seed-855140002571HE SAID: This Purely Elizabeth oatmeal was filling and tasty. It was a bit bland straight out of the cup, but once I added a little maple syrup everything brightened up. It had crunchy pumpkin seeds and the occasional cranberry zing. The packaging needs a serious rework though. The water amount is a guess at best because the fill line is on the outside of the cup.

He gave it: ★★★★

SHE SAID: At two ounces, this was the largest serving of all the packets and a closer portion to what a normal person eats. I enjoyed the sweet-tart cranberries and the soft crunch of the pumpkin seeds, which made it more of a hearty meal. I recommend adding a sweetener and more than the indicated amount of boiling water.

She gave it: ★★★★

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