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By John and Jennifer Burkhart

Road trip? Final picnic before the blazing temps? Memorial Day party? Whatever your reason for scouring the grocery aisles for snacks, avoid grabbing those “looks-like-food-but-made-in-a-laboratory” treats. There are many great choices to munch on that are actually healthy for you! Read on to see if these five “smart snacks” should join you on the couch with your next Netflix binge or outdoor adventure.

Annie Chun’s

wasabiseaweedOrganic Seaweed Snacks, Wasabi            

He said: Seems like most people either love or hate seaweed. I personally find its ocean-y taste delicious. I’ve had the plain, salted version of these and I quite liked them. This wasabi flavored seaweed is a spicy, horseradish kick in the teeth…and I still quite like them.


She Said: I barely got half of one of these past my lips before everything it touched felt like fire! I powered through, and mercifully the pain subsided. What was left, though, was reconstituted, chewy, slimy seaweed that reminded me of sushi, but without all the fun fillings.



brad's crunchy kaleOrganic Crunchy Kale, Vampire Killer

He Said: These are not the first snack I’d reach for because they have a strong green kale flavor. But I admit they have a nice light crunch, and the vegan cheese flavoring was a good addition. Most importantly, however, was the fact that both of our young boys happily chowed down on these. What an easy way to get them their greens.


She Said:
Let’s be honest, no one’s thinking “kale!” when shopping for snacks. Though after tasting these, I think they should! The light, crispy crunch was oh-so-satisfying, while the garlic vegan cheese flavor kept me grabbing for more. It’s virtually guilt-free noshing!



dang-toasted-coconut-chipsToasted Coconut Chips, Original  

He Said: Oh boy, these are dangerous! Like, “Oops, I ate the whole bag” dangerous. I don’t know what kind of magic they use on these, but they somehow turn bland coconut shavings into lightly crunchy chips with a sweet and slightly buttery coconut flavor that made me say, “Dang!” (You knew that joke was coming, didn’t you?)


She Said: I’d bet you’ve never tasted coconut like this before. Wow! I’m not sure how these were so good, but I’m glad someone figured it out. Salt, a bit of cane sugar, and coconut toasted to perfection make quite the trio apparently.


Seapoint Farms

dry roasted edamameDry Roasted Edamame, Sea Salt

He Said: By Grabthar’s hammer, what a crunch! These dry-roasted edamame were somehow super crunchy, yet light and nutty. I bet you could use these a hundred different ways, and all would be tasty. To top it off, they’re verified non-GMO, so you know you’re not eating mutant soybeans.


She Said: Whoa, these were addictive! I was shocked that something so simple like crunchy soybeans and salt would be so tasty. They had a satisfying flavor similar to peanuts, but more delicate. These also have less fat and tons of protein compared to peanuts. Yum!


Primal Spirit Foods

Primal Strips, Teriyaki and Hickory Smokedprimal

He Said: We tested two different versions of this pseudo beef jerky, and neither one had much going for it. The teriyaki had a nice sweet flavor that quickly turned into a plastic chemical taste. The hickory was like eating a perfectly smoked, lightly salted strip of bicycle tire. This is your product if you’re a strict vegan who loves beef jerky, and my heart goes out to you because your struggle is real.

She Said: As a beef jerky fan, I knew I had to keep an open mind biting into these vegan jerky strips. The soy-based hickory smoked strip wasn’t bad – tender but chewy, moist, with a robust peppery-smoke-soy flavor. The teriyaki seitan-based strip was also chewy but softer and had a savory flavor (but it didn’t remind me of teriyaki). It had slightly more protein, but I’d grab the hickory strip for my next backpacking trip…if all the other beef jerky was gone.


See more product reviews at greenlivingaz.com/hgsg.

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