Green Living Magazine Partners with CitiesPlanet: Getting the green out all over the planet!

THURSDAY, August 18, 2011
Phone: (480) 840 – 1589

(SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) – Green Living magazine and CitiesPlanet network have partnered to provide additional on-line exposure for their sustainable clients.

A joint partnership between Green Living magazine and the Green Living section of CitiesPlanet syndicated columns will be a natural fit for all clients involved, give clients additional online exposure for their green businesses and provide more information about going green to their readership. The Green Living section of the website is a syndicated column editorial section across the CitiesPlanet network that is dedicated to promoting a sustainable message and is sponsored by Waste Management. CitiesPlanet is a multi-level media company that is dedicated to the pure branded websites. They manage and market over 65 websites across the country including their flagship site locally on,

“We are very excited to have this partnership because it means we can provide more to the client and the community…the message will be clear that if you are wanting to touch people in print and on-line the quickest way to do that will be to be a part of this partnership,” said Fred Mercaldo, owner and managing partner of

Green Living magazine is the premier lifestyle magazine that strives to educate, empower and inspire communities to go green. We promote our contemporary and sustainable message through the LIVE, WORK and PLAY sections of the magazine and provide simple and applicable solutions to all things green.

“We are excited to cross-promote businesses and generate traffic for both of our client base.” Dorie Morales, Associate Publisher for Green Living, said.

Subscriptions to Green Living magazine are available for $39 per year and $12 digitally. Visit for more information and to comment on our stories. For the latest in green, follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

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