Green Home Products: August

Looking to integrate sustainability into your daily life? There’s no place like home to begin your green journey. Take a look at these green home products.

Set of Four Food Huggers Green Home Products

Keep your fruits and veggies fresh without pesky plastic wrap. This set of four bright silicon food savers seals around your leftover produce and opened cans. $14.99

Sanibel Shower Curtain Green Home Products

Looking to swap out your shower curtain this summer? Choose one made of organic cotton instead of a synthetic fabric. The Sanibel shower curtain is printed with low-impact dyes and is chemical free. $69

Caravan Crib

Green Home Products

Keep your child and the Earth safe in the Caravan Crib by Kalon Studios. This neon crib is made from FSC certified domestic maple and 100 percent nontoxic, food safe materials and finishes. $695

Western Pulp Square Pots

Green Home ProductsYour garden will become even greener with this biodegradable container. Simply plant this product, filled with your greenery of choice, directly into the soil and it will decompose within a year’s time. $2.20

Unbleached 100 percent Recycled Bath Tissue 

Green Home Products
Save energy, water, and trees by switching to Seventh Generation’s unbleached 100 percent recycled bath tissue. $10.99

Upcycled T-shirt Laundry Packets

Green Home Products
Try one of these organic lavender scented packets as an alternative to the usual chemically treated laundry sheet. These packets are made from upcycled T-shirt material and come in a set of three. $13.95

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