Green Champions of the Month: January 2018

Each month in our Green Champions section, we feature three people – one each in northern, central and southern Arizona — who are making strides in the green community. In our January issue, we’re celebrating three physical trainers and therapists promoting health and wellness across the state.


Jim Wittekind | Founder and Physical Therapist, Flagstaff Integrated Therapies

Jim Wittekind founded Flagstaff Integrated Therapies with a mission to provide compassion-centered therapy to his patients. He founded FIT after graduating from Northern Arizona University with a Doctorate Degree in 2003. Wittekind uses a technique called Dry Needling along with other manual techniques to help with muscle pain and joint dysfunction by addressing it at the trigger points. He thinks outside the box to help with this by using the science of Postural Restoration. His end goal is to use his therapies to help empower the patient by increasing their mind-body connection.


Jeremy Scott | Founder and Owner, Jeremy Scott Fitness

Jeremy Scott, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, founded Jeremy Scott Fitness to help people lead happier and healthier lives. He studied special education in college and has several fitness and nutrition certifications. Scott has worked with numerous brands like Vitamin Shoppe, Men’s Fitness, and more. He also co-authored “Get Lean Gluten-Free Cookbook” and wrote “Make Success Mandatory.” He’s all about helping and coaching people to lead the fittest, most educated, and healthiest version of their lives.


Randy Brown | Founder, Soul Fitness

Randy Brown founded Soul Fitness after he himself went through a complete body transformation. He was overweight and generally unhappy in his life before joining a boot camp that changed his life. He now instructs four boot camps in Oro Valley and also teaches power yoga. Brown is living life to the fullest now and wants to help others do the same. Soul Fitness helps people take their power back and “awaken the sleeping giant within.” Their mission is to help people better themselves and find balance.

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