General Motors IT Innovation Center Achieves LEED Gold Certification

IT Innovation Center

By Bharat Venkatesh

The General Motors IT Innovation Center in Chandler recently achieved LEED Gold level certification, greatly assisted by the many high-performance building strategies Green Ideas in their role as Building Science strategist and LEED consultant for the project.

The many green features of the facility, including an energy-efficient shell with high-performance glazing, a reflective foam roof system and a 146 kW rated photovoltaic solar system over parking canopies, will allow building developer and owner Mark IV Capital to save substantially on their operating and maintenance costs throughout the life of the facility.

“We are proud of our LEED Gold certified facility that was built for General Motors, and of our ability as an organization to live out our sustainability goal of building for quality and the long term. With ongoing sustainable facility management, we expect this project to be a model of high-performance building, making a positive impact on the environment and supporting our fiscal responsibility,” said Paul Cate, the CEO and President of Mark IV Capital.

General Motors continued the green building ethic by incorporating high-performance interior elements including energy efficient lighting, low-emitting finishes, water saving plumbing fixtures, and a carbon dioxide monitoring system to ensure the healthiest indoor environment possible for their employees.

“We are honored to have worked with Mark IV Capital, General Motors and the entire team on this important project. The project team’s belief in sustainable business operations and the employee experience demonstrates their position as a forward-thinking, industry-leading organization. The employees and management of General Motors will benefit from working in a LEED certified facility for years to come,” said Green Ideas President Charlie Popeck.

By holding to a strong Indoor Air Quality Management Plan during construction, the team prevented the accumulation of contaminants and ensured future occupants would have enhanced indoor air quality. This was compounded by the focus on utilizing sustainable and low-emitting materials, including low VOC paints, adhesives, flooring, composite wood products and furniture systems.

The facility’s Building Management System and LED technology as well as the integrated photovoltaic system that provides 14 percent of the building’s energy combine to provide it an overall energy-efficiency improvement of 44 percent.

For more on GM’s sustainability initiatives, read our article here.

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  1. We at AGR Consulting are proud to be part of this success. As part of the LEED certification, we provided;
    Fundamental Commissioning
    Enhanced Commissioning
    Renewable Energy System Commissioning
    Measurement and Verification (M&V)

    We also completed the necessary documentation for the project to receive SRP utility inventive.

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