Global Green: Eco-Friendly Org Puts The Spotlight on Going Green

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Getting everyone on the same page about living an eco-friendly lifestyle is a main focal point for the environmentally-focused nonprofit Global Green. According to the head of Strategic Partnerships, William Bridge, the company essentially puts all their efforts into three categories.

"LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 24: Awards are displayed onstage during Global Green USA's 13th annual pre-Oscar party at Mr. C Beverly Hills on February 24, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Lester Cohen/Getty Images for Global Green)"

First, Global Green goes into low-income communities and makes them more environmentally friendly. They do everything from ripping up old playgrounds and installing green spaces to building gardens. Secondly, Global Green goes into low-income coastal communities and implements climate action centers to help first responders and residents deal with natural disasters. And thirdly, the organization works with commercial properties, the hospitality industry, schools and other conglomerates, helping each to adopt greener practices. Global Green works within each organization’s needs to do what they can to educate and support the community.

For Bridge and his team, this is not just about how the world can be fixed today, but what is ahead for the future. “We want to be in 100 percent of coastal communities five years from now,” he said. “We want to ‘green’ 100 percent of low-income communities and create a lifestyle that anyone can follow.”

Les McCabe, President & CEO of Global Green

Bridge and his team at Global Green reach out not only to low-income communities and schools, but also to ambassadors they hope can help them make a difference on a larger scale. That is why each year for the last 13 years they have held an annual Pre-Oscar Gala.

“This has basically become the green party event of Oscar week,” said Bridge. At the event, actors and members of the media who are environmentally active come out to support Global Green’s efforts. This year, the organization launched a new global partnership with the United Nations Foundation, the World Bank Group, and the Muse School in California to help boost education for students across the U.S. The idea is to get teachers trained and empowered on how to achieve a healthier, eco-friendly lifestyle at school.

Jacquelyn Willard, chief marketing officer with LUX & ECO, one of the companies that collaborates with Global Green and the Oscar Gala each year, says they are proud of their partnership. “Every year, LUX & ECO serves as the premier eco luxury retail partner for the Global Green Pre- Oscar Gala and curates the eco gift bag that VIP guests get to bring home,” said Willard. “We have been a long time supporter of Global Green and help them any way we can!” she added. Check our Cool & Outrageous Stuff on page 48 to see what was featured in this year’s bag!

This year, about 400 people attended the event, and Bridge hopes that the overall awareness will continue to grow. “I believe that Global Green will be instrumental in global awareness. I think we will be a major part in the education of how you can live a very sustainable, eco- friendly life.”

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