Finding Your WHEN: Randy Miller is on a Mission to Transform Lives

Finding Your When

By Kayla Goldberg

Randy Miller, the founder of WHEN, is a man on a mission to meaningfully transform people’s lives. WHEN is a corporate and individual wellness program whose goal is to create a change in the current Gallup-Heathways Well-Being statistics.

According to the Gallup poll, 66% of American adults are unhappy with their lives, and 89% of employees worldwide are disconnected from their workplace.

WHEN is striving to change this through the use of personal, one-on-one online advising. The advising takes place between a trained advisor and an individual ready to change their mindset and accept the “WHEN way of life”—a mindset that focuses on productivity, happiness, and making your life the best, most enjoyable version possible.

A Lot of Unhappy People

As a result of the disturbingly high numbers of social dissatisfaction, unhappiness and unproductively reported in the modern workplace, there is no shortage of wellness programs currently being offered. However, the amount of money being poured into wellness programs, as well as Gallup’s disappointing statistics, didn’t make sense to Miller.

It bothered him that so many adults were unproductive and unhappy, he explains. And, as a businessman, it bothered him that it was so clear that something about these wellness programs needed to change if the Gallup statistics were ever going to improve.

And so, after 15 years spent advising college students, he decided to try to help adults instead.

Changing Mindsets

For Miller, the key to accomplishing his goal was to find a way to change unhappy adults’ mindsets from “if” to “when.” In fact, the original name of the company was IforWhen, but he soon realized that he and his customers were “when” people, not “if” people. Still, WHEN needed more than just a clever name to help change the world. It needed people who cared about it and a strategy that would actually work. 

Something Different

According to Miller, what makes WHEN unique from other wellness programs is that it is “one of the only companies that actually delivers all three disciplines—career, health and being. We’re not just another wellness company or another coaching company. We fit into the entire lifestyle of the individual.”

Unlike WHEN, many wellness programs focus on one particular aspect of someone’s life, such as career or health. But WHEN sees all three of these disciplines as the three pillars of life, and success in each is the goal of a happy, productive individual.

WHEN helps individuals to reach this goal by offering advising in a singular pillar or all three. This way, if an individual is physically healthy but needs help with their career, they can focus solely on career. However, WHEN also offers a complete package that allows an individual to improve in all three pillars if that’s what is desired. 

The Pillars

Miller and his team chose the three pillars carefully. They wanted to ensure that they were covering all the bases needed to make an individual’s life productive and happy.


The Career pillar helps individuals discover what makes them happy, works on their own unique skill sets, and allows them to make the impact they want to on the world. Career advising was something Miller had been doing for years, and choosing it as a pillar was an easy decision. His experience shows through the success of those who  have completed the pillar. One recent member shares that the program was “thought-provoking and reminded me what is important to me in my life and in my work.”


The Health pillar focuses on holistic solutions to physical health complications. It approaches health from a different, more natural approach than other health care systems. It develops a strong mind, body and spirit connection, which allows an individual to be self-reliant on their physical health once the pillar is completed.

This approach to health was a concept that the Arizona environment and culture helped Miller to comprehend.

Health was deemed important enough to be a pillar because according to Gallup, 68% of adults are struggling with their physical well-being, and the Health pillar helps these adults to create a health routine that suits their lifestyle and goals. This worked for a member of the Health pillar, as he reported back that “my WHEN Health advisor was awesome… I strongly want others to be aware of the WHEN model and the health benefits.” 


Finally, the last pillar, Being, helps an individual to understand themselves and to manage stress, negative mindsets, and bad habits. It does so by utilizing tools such as journaling and meditation.

The goal of this pillar is to help people understand themselves to the point where they will also be able to determine and understand what will bring fulfillment and purpose into their daily lives and to cope with more difficult and more negative times in a graceful, manageable manner.

JP, a CEO and Being member, says that, “I not only recommend the WHEN Being  program, but I feel it is a must for everyone to experience. I have never felt so present and balanced in my life, and attribute this new foundation to the Being program. I now truly believe I will accomplish my goals. The process was tailored to my personal needs which made it feel authentic and thus more effective. I am now curious to experience WHEN’s Health and Career programs next!” 

How it Works

The way WHEN helps individuals to better succeed in these three pillars is through online, one-on-one advising. Miller was one of the leaders in utilizing technology for advisement, and he knew that continuing to practice this with WHEN would be beneficial, as it allows participants to not feel pressure regarding their physical appearance, to be flexible in terms of scheduling, and to continue communicating with their advisor up to six months after they had completed their pillar(s).

Simply, Miller’s goal is to make working adults happier and more productive. He’s found his passion, fulfillment, and purpose in helping others find theirs, and he strives to impact as many lives as possible through WHEN.

For companies or individuals interested in additional information, visit to learn more.

Kayla Goldberg is an editorial intern at Green Living Magazine. She is currently studying English at Loyola Marymount University, and in her free time she enjoys reading, working out, and drinking coffee.

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