Electric Trucks: The New Green Fleet Solution

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By Ofelia Montelongo

Over the last several years, electric cars have come to revolutionize the automotive market. Consumers have been drawn to the high technologies and the cost-efficiency, but mostly by the environmental benefits.

To take a step further in the EV (electric vehicle) industry, eTruck has introduced a revolutionary light-duty work truck for fleets that is powered by electricity and solar panels. According to CEO Patrick Bombard, the inspiration behind eTruck was “the vision to fill a very specific niche in the electric vehicle market: a light-duty/utility work vehicle that is all electric and green.”

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The eTruck can be used in dozens of environments, but “the real fit for the eTruck is in manufacturing, multi-building office complexes, parks or recreation complexes, or multi- unit residential complexes,” Bombard said. “Companies, cities, counties and universities can now add a powerful and functional carbon-free solution to their work vehicle fleets, and replace traditional fossil-fuel-based trucks with an affordable and reliable green energy alternative.” The eTruck can also be used in traditional environments such as construction, maintenance crews, equipment towing, and personnel transportation.

Every eTruck comes with cab-top solar panels to add additional energy capacity to the battery array while outdoors in daylight. According to Bombard, the real magic in the solar panels is the extra hours. “The onboard solar panels provide a constant trickle charge to the battery array. This charge helps to extend the total work time and availability of the eTruck. Instead of getting 120 miles in top speed range, the user might enjoy 150-160 miles in total range or an extra two to three hours of slower drive time,” he explained.

The eTruck is assembled and built in the United States and comes in standard two-person or four-person cabs. With a 13 horsepower electric motor, a 120-mile range at full speed, and a quick six-hour recharging time, the eTruck also does not emit any fumes. According to Bombard, the eTruck has been in testing for over 18 months and will be available starting in June.

The eTruck will be setting up in Tempe, Arizona, and expanding to New York and Florida.

For more information on the eTruck, visit etrucklsv.com.

Ofelia Montelongo is an aspiring author and is writing her first novel, “Almost a Pilgrim.” Originally from Mexico, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance and an MBA. She is currently working on her Bachelor’s in English and Creative Writing at Arizona State University. Ofelia is also a freelance photographer and has her own business in Scottsdale, Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale.

Spokespeople photo by Rick Carter.

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