Editor’s Note – September

“If you want to change the world, pick up a pen and write.” – Martin Luther

Would it be inappropriate to start off this note with a HOOT, HOOT? I am ecstatic to write this note for the 1st Anniversary of Green Living Magazine! Over the last twelve issues I have had the honor to work with and get to know some of the most amazing people in Arizona who are committed to growing our local economy, creating and promoting sustainable change, and sharing insight to all things green.

We have developed beautiful relationships with organizations and media outlets around town and are proud to work together and support the message about how to create a sustainable community.

I want to especially thank my editing and writing team for making deadline after deadline, pushing through the late nights, finding the words and sending a message with a strong voice – you make a difference. To all my past interns who have stepped up to the plate and developed as journalists – I rely on and appreciate you! To my girl Heather who started with me and is headed for that Texas sunset in the sky, love ya – word to the hat! To Mike, my proofreader and last line of defense, it’s you, me and the hyphens. To my genius art director, Kate, you make our words look brilliant. Thanks to the publishers for launching in a troublesome time and progressing us to greater heights with vigor and intent, U Rock! To the manager of us all and best friend Angela, you are my muse. Love to the family who just understand when it’s edit week and give me the freedom to create. Finally, my public relations, media and Twitter friends, it started with Joe the PR GUY, then Jeff Hecht, and the rest is history… love to all of you, you fuel me!

September is our DESIGN issue and we are excited to educate you about innovative buildings, sustainable methods and new materials used to build green. Starting off LIVE with “You Can’t Judge a Building by its Cover…Well, Sometimes You Can” by Aimee Welch, she unveils the purpose of LEED certification and building green, and highlights local interior designer’s projects. Ever want to spruce up your outdoor space? Read my interview with Tucson landscape architect Jason Isenberg, who is indeed a specialist in creating “outdoor destinations.” With Fall around the corner, fashion is on our mind, and we found some green glams for your closet. One local, savvy designer turns old T-shirts into couture – read “Angela Johnson – T-shirt Savvy” by Christina Lund. We are pleased to have Deepak Chopra, M.D. share his wisdom about well-being in his article, “A Return to Simplicity and Happiness.” It’s guaranteed to move you towards harmony – if you allow it.

Ever hear of green financing? This month in WORK, Kristi Eaton discusses how financial institutions and our government are providing loans for people to make sustainable improvements to their homes – read “Greenbacks for Backing Green.” We continue our design focus as David Brown gives us a backstage pass to local interior designers’ mindset in “Green Interior Design – An Insider’s View.”

Did someone say football? High school to professional, if you are planning on attending one game this season, remember to recycle! The EPA estimates that between college and professional football games, 19,500 tons of trash is generated per season. In PLAY read “Waste Generated at Football Games,” by Barbi Walker and earn your touchdown for staying green! Winner of the 2000 James Beard Foundation Award for Top Chef in the Southwest, Chef Janos Wilder shares his touching story about integrating locally grown foods and his connection to the Children’s Museum Tucson. This “Green Personality” is about Lee Stempniak, right wing for the Phoenix Coyotes. Find out how he does his part on the road and in Arizona to stay green and promote healthy living.

Thanks again for all of your support throughout the year and willingness to try new things green!




Tishin Donkersley, M.A., Editor-in-Chief

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