Editor’s Note: June 2018

Hello Readers,

If you grew up outside of Phoenix, and I think there are a few of you, there is something strange that takes place as summer in the Valley of the Sun Sun Sun draws near.

It’s the confusion created by childhood memories of anticipating a season filled with friends, fireflies and afternoon naps with windows wide open and a fresh breeze blowing the sheer curtains. (That is a picture from my childhood.)

Juxtaposed to reality – the feeling of utter DREAD of the approaching oven we will soon be enclosed in. No more cool walks in the park, unless it is at 4 a.m.; not even a nod from neighbors as they quickly slip behind garage doors and confine themselves to their cool cocoons; and going out only when absolutely necessary, with enough sunscreen layered on our rapidly aging skin to create a deathly pallor.

But, I have some good news. Our June issue is like stretching out with a summer book that transports you to faraway places. Join China Mist cofounder, John Martinson, and his son, Neo, as they embark on a road tour in a souped up Tesla and wind their way through 10 states including Colorado, Wyoming, Oregon and California with a few stops in Canada. Or better yet, follow his blog by visiting teslaroadtrip.blog.

And in our second father and son story, walk with Aaron Blackburn, our director of creative services, who just lost his dad to cancer. Blackburn explores the lessons learned from his dad, and ponders his first Father’s Day without him.

Refresh yourself with David Schaller’s story about the Verde River and with the Turning Green column which is all about finding pure, clean and preferably non-contaminated water for your home. Get the scoop on the best new organic ice creams from our “He’s Green, She’s Green” columnists, John and Jennifer Burkhart. And check out the many outdoor events around the state, including the Flagstaff Hullabaloo and the Pine Strawberry Festival that Green Scenes staff writer, Lisa Racz, has sought out for all of us. And what could be more chill than our Cool Outrageous Stuff featuring fun finds for Father’s Day.

Before you know it, as our neighboring states (and most of our kids) are dreading the end of summer, our countdown to cooler days will be here – faster than you can melt ice on pavement.

Stay cool!

And thanks for reading,

Dolores Tropiano


Email me at dolores@greenlivingaz.com

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