Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts for Everyone

A wish list for those wishing to go or stay green

By: Terra Walker

Welcome to the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Like many of you, I adore the holiday season, and I look forward to the happy faces
as gifts are opened and dreams are unwrapped. I was surprised to learn that Americans spend more than $7 billion on wrapping
paper each year, not including dressings and bows. While much of it is recycled, it’s almost too difficult to pull the colored fibers
and make that worthwhile – which means it ends up in the landfill anyway. To offset our Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa carbon footprint,
I’ve put together a list of the best eco-friendly gifts for everyone on your list, from your kids to your parents, and that necessary oops gift for
unexpected visitors. Let’s get going with our green shopping.

Don’t forget to thank your favorite holiday party hosts with gifts
they’ll use to entertain for years to come.

These are a must-have for any eco-friendly kitchen. Each wrap is
made of cloth dipped in beeswax, and is food safe (minus a bee
allergy, of course). You just heat them with your hands and wrap your
foods, either in a container or directly, for an air-tight seal. Each wrap
is washable and lasts approximately all year.

Useful as a work of art and for beverage service, this hand-blown
recycled glass pitcher is not only environmentally friendly,
purchasing it supports artists and a company that believes in fair
wages for workers, safe workplaces, carbon-free shipping, water
conservation, and forest preservation. It’s hard to say no to a pitcher
that does so much for the earth. You might as well grab a set of
recycled glass glasses to match.


Help your favorite person enjoy their commute a little more with
these thoughtful and green gifts.
This stainless steel and bamboo commuter carafe is the best way to
keep your favorite morning beverage hot (up to 12 hours) or cold (a
full 24 hours). Not much is better than being able to sip a drink that’s
the same quality beverage when you reach your destination as when
you first poured it.

Nobody likes staring down the sun on the way to the office,
whether we’re driving or riding. We all know how environmentally
unfriendly plastic is, and the U. S. only recycles about 20% of it’s
plastic nationwide. These wooden sunglasses are not only chic and
fashionable, they’re made of bamboo, have cellulose lenses, and float.

Do they always carry a pen and notebook? Upgrade their utensils to
help save the environment.
Perfect for your favorite aspiring novelist or bullet journalist, this
cork-covered notebook is vegan, and lays flat for optimal writing
space. The pages are thick, dotted, and acid-free for archival quality
work. There’s a rare pen loop included, so don’t forget to grab the
pens below.

These multicolored pens are made
from recycled water bottles – 89%
post-consumer waste – and feature
that familiar 0.7 mm point you know
and love in your original Pilot G2 pens.
They are, without a doubt, a delightful
addition to any desk set.








If your writer doesn’t like pens or
they’re not ready for permanent
marking yet, here are your favorite #2
pencils with a twist. When you’re done
with them, just grab a flower pot or
head to the yard and stuff them in the
ground. The seeds inside will sprout
Forget-Me-Nots, Basil, and Thyme.

We all have the urge to get into downward dog once in a while, and
feel the fresh renewal that comes from a short time inverted. These
gifts will delight the inner-peace seeker in all of us.
This amazing yoga mat is vegan, recyclable, and made of jute fibers.
These mats are designed in Australia, and the company that makes
them is dedicated to keeping plastics and BPA off your mats. They
also plant a tree for every mat sold, and they come with a 100%
cotton carrying strap.

If you’re going to do yoga, you’re going to need to keep your mat
clean and free from bacteria. This organic yoga mat cleaner is safe
for all mat types, not just that cool jute one above. It’s handcrafted,
biodegradable, and uses your favorite essential oils.

While we’re here, we might as well acknowledge that those gifts are
still going to need to be wrapped. As you already know, in America
we waste wrapping paper like crazy. Well, not anymore; there’s a
wrap for that. Grab some eco-friendly, plantable wrapping paper, and
put your mind at ease this season, knowing that no matter where it
ends up, your paper will biodegrade and grow flowers. Now, get going
on your eco-friendly shopping and wrapping. Happy Holidays!

Terra Walker is Writer and Editor, Culinary Coach, and WordPress Instructor. She
spends a lot of time in Phoenix, where she indulges in the rich food, arts, and
pop culture scenes. Catch up with her on her Lifestyle blog, Terra’s Bytes www.

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