Eat Your Seat! Ford Fusion Meets Posh Restaurant


From your dining plate to your brand new environmentally friendly car, Ford is using new and innovative materials to create their interior that can be also found in your kitchen! With the support of POSH restaurant’s owner and Chef Joshua T Hebert, Ford rolled out the new 2013 Fusion. Chef Josh created dishes made out of the same materials used in the Ford Fusion.

Bio-Brains behind Ford Fusion

The event featured Dr. Ellen Lee, one of Ford’s plastic research engineers and displayed a royal blue 2013 Ford Fusion for all the guests to see. Read more about the Bio-Brains behind Ford at Green Living website.

The dishes comprised of Moroccan spiced lamb meatballs with dandelion greens, tuna tartar with soybeans, bay scallop ceviche with wheat flour tortillas, and coconut popsicles for a tasty dessert. The dandelion greens, coconut, soybeans, and wheat straw are all of the same ingredients used in the making the interior of the Ford Fusion- Ford’s goal is to reduce their carbon footprint and increase sustainability for our planet.

Ford Fusion

The fabrics in the Ford Fusion are also made from 100 percent post-consumer and post-industrial materials. Soy foam is Ford’s main development and in now used in every Ford vehicle produced today. When asked about Ford’s stance on their advancements with the soy foam compared to other automakers Dr. Ellen Lee responded, “From our standpoint we want to be the first to have it, but in the long run we want everyone to be using it in order to help sustainability.”

Learn more about the FORD Fusion at and POSH restaurant, Scottsdale at

Bio-Brains behind Ford Fusion, Tishin Donkersley of Green Living magazine

Ford’s use of the bio-based foam has helped the company reduce its petroleum oil use by more than 3 million pounds annually and carbon dioxide emissions by more than 15 million pounds. In fact 40 16oz water bottles are used in the production of each Ford Fusion vehicle. Guests were given samples of Herbert’s dishes and Ford’s party key chains consisting of compromised plastic made out of wheat straw and old retired currency. The event was positive step forward for Ford and for sustainability as a whole.


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