Dunn-Edwards Paints Partners with HoneyLove to Help Save Honeybees


By Bharat Venkatesh

To save the dwindling honeybee population, Dunn-Edwards Paints, one of the nation’s largest independent manufacturers and distributors of architectural, industrial and high performance paints and paint supplies, has partnered with HoneyLove, a non-profit conservation organization with a mission to protect the honeybees.

This is not the first instance showcasing Dunn-Edwards Paints’ dedication toward preserving and protecting the environment – its coatings are produced in the world’s first and only LEED Gold certified manufacturing plant. On a similar note, HoneyLove understands that humans are dependent on bees to keep our environment sustainable through pollination and therefore advocates for them by educating communities and inspiring new urban beekeepers about making their garden bee friendly by avoiding pesticides, providing water and shelter, and adding pollinator-friendly plants.

Beekeepers lost 44 percent – almost half – of their honeybee colonies last year, with seven honeybee species being added to the U.S. endangered species list recently.

“If bees are not around to pollinate our food crops, we won’t be able to feed the current population,” explained Paul Hekimian, director of the Los Angeles-based HoneyLove. “If the bees go, we go – literally.”

To help with HoneyLove’s mission, Dunn-Edwards Paints is donating 10 percent of proceeds of a new paint color – just announced as their 2017 Color of the Year – named Honey Glow after its beneficiary.

Sara McLean, color expert at Dunn-Edwards, selected Honey Glow after extensive research on color trends in everything from pop culture and fashion to world events and local street culture.  She describes Honey Glow as a warm, golden yellow with orange undertones.

“This is a great color to make a bold statement in a room. It pairs well with earthy, neutral palettes or colors like chocolate, red, gray, green and orange,” McLean explained. “Honey Glow embodies the trend toward the warming of all colors – from neutrals to non-neutrals. And it’s an everyday reminder that we need to protect honeybees.”

“Most beekeepers paint their hives, either to look great in their garden, or if there are a lot of hives, the different colors help bees find their way home,” Hekimian explained.  “Since Dunn-Edwards is one of the most environmentally responsible paint companies, we were eager to team up with them.”

Learn more about urban beekeeping and how you can protect honeybees in your own yard and your community at HoneyLove.org.  For more ideas and inspiration with Honey Glow, watch this video and visit Sara’s blog, specs+spaces.

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