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Dear Reader,

As I write this, the lazy, carefree days of summer are drawing to a close and back-to-school looms shortly. Like other parents, I will soon be knee-deep in school supply lists and the need for new wardrobes for my kids (how do they always grow so much over the summer?!). In this issue, we have several stories on how to approach this while keeping our earth in mind. Head to page 16 to read several great shopping tips. Backpacks and supplies? Check! How to handle school lunches? Check!

Oh—and you know how kids go back to school and a few days later they’re coming down with some nasty sickness already? And then you catch it, too? Read our story about StayWell Copper on page 18 to learn about an option for some protection against those germs. I’m getting several of the products for my family!

Speaking of school, I love how much I learn while working on the magazine each month.
This month, I had the opportunity to interview Madelyn Varela (page 28). The 18-year-old
is currently interning to be a goat farmer. It was fascinating to learn both about her and her passion—and I never knew that goats were so similar to dogs in personality! Did you? Her story is so wonderful and all of us here at Green Living are rooting for her to reach her own dream of owning her own farm. Go Madelyn!

We also talk with Pearlena Jackson and Quita Jackson. The mother-daughter duo is making a huge impact on the world with their passion for living an eco-conscious lifestyle—and teaching others how to do the same. Read their story on page 5.

And, we share the story of a troop of Girl Scouts who saw litter and did something about it (page 10), plus a story about a few higher learning institutions around the country that are working to make their campuses eco-friendly and to support sustainability (pages 22, 26).

Enjoy the issue!

Environmentally Yours,

Michelle Glicksman

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