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Dear Reader,

The other day, I went to recycle a container I had at home. Remembering last month’s article on recycling, I stopped and looked at my bin. Yes, the container indicated it was recyclable, but in looking at the list on my City-supplied bin, I realized that this particular item was not recyclable in my particular city. So into the trash it went, and I realized that I made a difference by not contaminating my recycling bin.

That awareness of different ways to be more eco-friendly is why I love this magazine. Each issue I learn something new. Even though I’ve thought I’ve known so much about how to implement sustainable practices into my life, there’s really so much more to learn and do.

This month, we have several food stories, including one that shows how three women—Sara Brito, Charleen Badman and Danielle Leoni—have taken on the industry and are trying to make changes. Our Green Champion, Jamie Killin, saw a need in the fight to get rid of plastic straws and made a special case for reusable ones. There are local restaurants serving farm-to-table foods, and a school where students run a café that’s open to the public.

Speaking of food, those interested in growing their own should check out the article on Agave Farms’ Ready To Grow Garden Kit.

We also have a story from Ivy Ciolli, who offers tips on the upcoming holidays with ideas on gift wrap and greeting cards. I’ll be rethinking how I handle the holidays from now on!
There’s so much more, too, including the sustainable initiatives implemented at Sky Harbor Airport, a unique exhibit at Desert Botanical Garden, a Farm to Home home goods line, and the story of two girls who had a long journey before being diagnosed with a rare disorder.
As you read this issue, let me know what stories resonate with you and what you took away from it. I hope you learn something that makes you stop and think, too.

Environmentally Yours,

Michelle Glicksman

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