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Welcome to the June/July issue of Green Living Magazine!

The other day I was talking to my dad about some of my childhood memories—when he took me to work with him in New York City, the one time we tried camping as a family (it was not our thing, though we tried!), and so many other special times. He’s been a constant in my life, and the one I turn to for advice, and yes, help (do we ever outgrow that?!). Those times are all gifts; special memories that I cherish.

In this issue, which celebrates themes of both men and energy, our writer David M. Brown spoke to a number of people on what gifts—specifically related to nature and sustainability— their dads gave them.

We also feature men’s eco-friendly fashions; Ryan Rabish, the owner of Integrity Valet and Desert Parking, which was one of the first Arizona Green Business-certified businesses through Local First Arizona; fun products for men; and more.

Those interested in energy advances can read about ways to keep your air conditioning unit running more efficiently; home energy efficiency; and Dynamic Water and how it helps save water, money and chemical use. Oh—and we have some fun recipes that energize, so get ready to cook!

We hope you enjoy these next two months and are safe and healthy. Happy Father’s Day and Happy July 4th!

Environmentally yours,

Michelle Glicksman


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