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Dear readers:

Hello and thank you so much for reading. My name is Tyler Hurst, and I’m the new editor here at Green Living. Before I get into talking about the November stories, I wanted to introduce you to and thank all the often behind-the scenes contributors that get this magazine out every month.

Let’s start with Sara Haidle, our Administration Wizard, who helps keep us organized, mostly on time, and is everyone’s go-to in finding nearly everything important. Next up is graphic design/editorial intern Jo Rarey, who’s done everything from running editorial calendars to writing house articles and from designing ads to helping lay out the magazine. Following is Jordan Miller, our remote graphic design intern who’s now helped lay out two months’ worth of house article sections. After that is Breanna Allen, our social media intern in charge of answering comments across our digital platforms and working with events. Monica Sifert, a social media/editorial intern, is joining our team this month and we’re looking forward to seeing her contribute.

I’d also like to introduce you to Laura Madden, our new social media editor. She is, among other things, a working model dedicated to assisting women entrepreneurs look and feel their best while helping them create brand images that appeal to their clients and customers. She’s been writing about and modeling for Goodwill as a used-clothes fashion resource for a few months now, and we look forward to seeing each and every new photo shoot she comes up with.

Let’s not forget Lisa Racz, along with media consultants Sarah Ley and John Waechter. A more than honorable mention also goes to our advisory board of Ric Coggins, Valerie Crosby, Ken Edwins, William Janhonen, Jon Kitchell, John Martinson, Mary McCormick, Eric Olsen and Thomas Williams. Oh, our writers and photographers, too. And, of course, our publisher Dorie Morales.

We’re especially proud to share our Green Gift Guide with you, a special section created in collaboration with Local First AZ’s Kimber Lanning, featuring the best deals from local companies for the holiday season.

In this issue you’ll also find out how and why Mesa Community College can now call itself an arboretum in David Brown’s Sustainability Is The Lesson; learn what’s going on with all the lights, water, and art on and around Scottsdale’s Arizona Canal as part of our piece on the 10-day Canal Convergence festival, and our publisher’s personal walk through of the beautiful Aravaipa Farms — none of these are to be missed.

In case that’s not enough, read on to find out how the Chicken Soup For The Soul former owners turned their fortune into a sustainable energy company, what it’s like to attend a CIVANA retreat hosted by Brooke Burke-Charvet, and some news about how Paradise Valley is becoming a little more walkable thanks to Azure.

We’d also like to say thank you to Aaron Blackburn, whose life changes necessitated him stepping back from his duties here starting this month. We’ll miss his daily contributions and look forward to his assistance in the future.

Thanks again for reading.


Tyler Hurst


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