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Dear Reader,

Welcome to the June issue of Green Living Magazine! Before I speak about this issue, I wanted to say a general hello. I joined the amazing staff here as the Editor-in-Chief in May, and I look forward to continuing to bring you amazing eco/green stories.

Plus, we have big plans for this magazine—stay tuned for late 2019!

This month, in honor of Father’s Day, we take the time to celebrate men. On page 6, we showcase Barry Chasse, and on page 14, Ric Coggins continues to share his health journey. We also showcase sustainable beers (page 32), men’s fashion options (page 5), gift ideas (page 16), a hybrid car review (page 35), and so much more.

We also showcase the winner of our Eco-tank (think Shark Tank but with an eco twist) contest. Check out how he is reusing eggshells on page 23!

Oh, and who can forget all the other events happening this month! Do you watch all the Shark Week shows? In honor of Shark Week, we share insight into the terrible practice of shark finning (page 19). Read the article, be outraged, and take a stand to help.

It’s also National Garbage Man Day this month. Take time to thank all those in the solid waste services field, and read the article on page 22 for information on which common summer staples—such as the plastic silverware you use at a barbecue, empty sunscreen containers, barbecue equipment—can be recycled.

And last, but not least, it’s both World Oceans Day and World Reef Day this month, too. Read what you need to know about the crisis facing our ocean ecosystems on page 30.

Whew—there’s a lot going on this month! Make sure you take the time to relax, to honor the Earth and help make it better, and of course, to honor all the amazing dads out there.

See you next month!


Michelle Glicksman

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