Did You Know? Sustainable Craft Beer Facts

Craft Beer and Sustainability

By Rachel Lee

“The leaps in technology and wider awareness of sustainability issues in the past decade have led to even more impactful innovations, as well as a broader swath of craft brewers implementing formalized sustainability programs and initiatives,” says Matt Gacioch, sustainability ambassador for the Brewers Association.

Breweries that incorporate sustainable practices typically use local ingredients, which has a significant impact on reducing emissions.

Many breweries are employing renewable resources to power their facilities, with solar panels being the most popular option.

Some eco-friendly practices include using recycled material for packaging, transforming spent grain from the brewery into homemade pizza crust, watering on-site veggie and herb gardens with captured air-conditioner runoff, and offering employees clothing made by companies that practice sustainable measures.

Many breweries are LEED-certified, fitting the specific requirements that allow for a more eco-friendly environment.

The majority of the 1,000 beer drinkers surveyed in the U.S. stated they are willing to pay more for sustainably-produced beer.

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Kyley Warren is a freelance writer based in Phoenix and the Assistant Editor of Green Living Magazine.

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