Cool Outrageous Stuff: March 2017

1. Vegan and Organic Facial Kit

Show your skin some tender loving care with Meow Meow Tweet’s all natural Facial Kit. Always vegan and organic, Meow Meow Tweet hopes to encourage small changes in their Meow Meow Tweetcustomers’ lives through the physical, emotional and ecological healthfulness of completely natural goods for the face and body. The set includes face cleanser, face oil, face exfoliant and face toner. Available in mini size or full size bottles. $25.00-$84.00

2. Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies – Local!

After perfecting his chocolate chip cookie recipe over several decades, Mr. Nelson personally bakes, wraps and packages only 24 dozen cookies per day – a true one-man show. Mr. Nelson’s Cookies’ bakery is located in the Superstition Mountains in Gold Mr. Nelson's cookiesCanyon, Arizona. These delicious cookies are made with 100 percent natural ingredients, including a rare Tahitian vanilla extract, three kinds of chocolate chips, and a famous organic dough. Order either 6 or 12 cookies packaged in beautiful boxes. Gluten-free available. $30.00-$58.00.

3. Chemical-Free Spring Cleaning

Enjoy spring cleaning this year by taking the chemicals out of the equation! California-based company pHur has created a water and salt disinfectant that is registered as a pHurproven disinfectant by the EPA both on state and federal levels. Simply apply the pHur Cleaning Water to a microfiber cloth or mop pad, then agitate to clean just about anything. Spray the Disinfecting Water to cleaned surfaces to kill bacteria. No rinsing, wiping or waiting required. $30.95 for System Kit

4. Upcycled Coconut Tree Broom

Keep it simple in the garden with the Original Garden Broom. In many tropical countries, the garden broom2coconut tree is abundant. For centuries, the fallen branches have been bundled or woven into brooms and used for sweeping all outdoor surfaces. The Original Garden Broom is ethically traded and environmentally friendly. The broom stays firm and strong even when wet, does not disintegrate or fall apart during heavy use, and works on any surface. Clean up decks, sidewalks, patios, lawns, garden beds, doormats, cement floors, exposed aggregate and more. $24.99

5. Natural Fire RocksTwo_Wick_Large_1

Light up your life with natural Fire Rocks. These unique candle concepts are derived from the mines of Minnesota and quarries throughout the U.S. Each Fire Rock is one-of-a-kind and will last a lifetime. Many unique styles are available, from single-wick to upwards of 5 wicks. Custom creations are also available. $60.00-$90.00

clear flow water hose6. Recyclable Water Hose

This flat clear-flowing hose is flexible, lightweight, lead-free and drinking-water safe (using National Sanitation Foundation approved materials). Clear Flow Water Hose’s transparent polyurethane design allows the sunlight to pass through, controlling the bacteria and algae growth. You don’t get that with your common garden hose, which become a breeding ground for bacteria as the water becomes stagnant and heated. The polyurethane material and the materials used to design the garden hose fittings are also 100 percent recyclable. $32.97


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