Cool Outrageous Stuff: December 2016

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stone drink dispenser 21. Let Spirits Flow Freely

This stone drink dispenser from Funky Rock Designs will be a showstopper at your next holiday party. Made from cobbled granite hand-picked in Maine, the tap is made from stainless steel and includes a beach stone handle. The dispenser also comes in several color options.

paper mojo2. Wrap Responsibly

Celebrate this holiday season with eco-friendly, handmade recycled wrapping paper. Favoring suppliers with a commitment to fair trade and environmental responsibility while supporting the paper makers’ creative processes, Paper Mojo has numerous collections of the finest decorative paper, including holiday designs.

glass candle holder 13. Recycled Glass Candle Holders

Lighten up your life with Kitras Art Glass tea light candle holders, available in various combinations of vibrant colors to suit different moods. Handcrafted from recycled glass, each one is unique and one of a kind. Whether it is the candle light at night or sunlight during the day, both form fascinating patterns refracted through the spiral disks. Perfect for the holiday table!

solar powered christmas lights4. Solar Powered Holiday Lights

Let the sun light up your holiday nights this year with these environmentally friendly solar-powered home and garden holiday lighting sets from Solar Christmas Lights. Each set includes a solar panel that should be placed in direct sunlight for at least two hours per day.

wooden wine glass5. Wooden Bar Glasses

Live green and indulge simultaneously with these handcrafted wooden cocktail and wine glasses from David Rasmussen Furniture Design. Not only do they have an FDA-approved finish that prevents flavor notes from being imparted to your drink, they also insulate to keep drinks cooler than an ordinary glass.
$61.00 cocktail glass, $66.00 wine glass

lucky air plant6. Lucky Air Plant and Crystals

These charming Tillandsia, commonly known as air plants (as they need no soil), set in various stunning crystals by HappyBrands, are the perfect gift for any occasion. They come with instructions for the plant’s care, information about the crystal and its healing properties, and a darling box for perfect gifting. Or, keep one for yourself!

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