Cool Outrageous Stuff: August 2019

Cool Outrageous Stuff August 2019

A brighter smile without the plastic packaging

While there have been many companies that have made the switch to healthier and organic ingredients in their toothpaste, one problem still remains: plastic toothpaste tubes. Bite Toothpaste Bits has solved the packaging problem. Bite Toothpaste bits are all-natural, sulfate-free and cruelty-free. The small, chewable tabs resemble a children’s vitamin, and they come packaged in a small glass jar. The tabs are meant to be chewed up and mixed the water on your toothbrush to create a foamy paste. We tried the mint and the activated charcoal varieties and we were pleasantly surprised with the taste, as well as their overall effectiveness.

Plastic-free, money-saving lunch wraps

School is back in session, and it’s time to ditch plastic sandwich baggies and stop covering your leftover lunches with plastic wrap. Honey Pot lunch wraps are made out of 100% cotton infused with Canadian beeswax, and organic coconut oil. These cotton wraps last up to a year and they are completely biodegradable and compost-friendly! They also come in a variety of cute patterns and sizes. Bonus: When the wraps lose their grip, they can be used as a sustainable fire starter for your camping trips. Honey Pot wraps also have a non-beeswax wrap made with candelilla wax and tree resin.

Velvety Body Butters and more

Dry skin, be gone! Vervan, an eco-conscious brand from Mexico, has you covered. The company uses ingredients extracted directly from plants to create the handcrafted skin care products, which are free of parabens and not tested on animals. We tried their Shea and Almond Oil Body Butter. It has a delicate richness to it—it’s not too heavy and not at all watery, and the almond scent is fabulous. Check out their entire line of handcrafted body products.

Skin care for the planet

Everything Organics, a company with a mission, has created an entire line of skincare products free of chemicals, colors and perfumes. The company began  in a kitchen in Portland, Ore. The founder of the company is a licensed esthetician who is committed to delivering a product that not only works, but also benefits the planet. For each order received, Everything Organics donates 4% of the profit to organizations that help clean up the oceans. They also have a glass recycling program for their packaging—when you are finished with your product, you can send back the glass jar and your account is credited for shipping costs. Additionally, you will also earn a point for each glass bottle—which is equal to a dollar towards your next order.

A snack option for on-the-go

What’s better than a healthy snack that your kids will love? How about a healthy snack that you can indulge in, too? Tree Top Applesauce Pouches are a staple for the busy mom with a hungry kid. Back-to-school is just around the corner, and with Tree Top Applesauce, your child can have a delicious snack on-the-go. Tree Top pouches are made with 100% USA apples and have no high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors or colors. They come in seven flavors: Apple, Mango, Cinnamon, Strawberry, Mixed Berry, Tropical, and Organic Apple. These pouches are not just great for kids—they are great for camping trips and outdoor excursions. Find them at your local grocery store.

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