Cool Outrageous Stuff: April 2017


1 Support Your Community Garden, One Cup at a Time

Coffee MUGSupport Mesa Urban Garden (MUG) with your own MUG mug! Downtown Mesa coffee houses and businesses are showing their community spirit by selling these beautiful indigo ceramic mugs with proceeds going towards the garden. Mesa Urban Garden opened in the downtown area in January 2013 and offers nearly 100 garden beds for lease to individuals, groups or sponsors, including a handicap-accessible raised garden. Communal beds are tended to by volunteers, and vegetable yields are made available to local food banks. MUG is located at 212 E. 1st Avenue in Mesa.

2 Tree-Free Tissues

tree free tissueIn Florida, a sugarcane by-product called bagasse is being burned and thrown away after the sugarcane plant is extracted. This is causing catastrophic problems for American farmers and local communities who are breathing in toxic air pollution. Emerald Brand is utilizing the bagasse and transforming it into paper products, like tissues. By purchasing these tissues, you support forest preservation and the quest to keep paper products tree-free and sustainable.
$20.63 for 12 boxes

3 Sustainable Cooking Methods

Zero Waste Kitchen bookLearn how to reduce food waste with quick tips and simple solutions in the new book “My Zero-Waste Kitchen” from DK. With 15 nutritious and versatile recipes in which nothing goes to waste, this guide shares the secrets to smart shopping, meal planning, and the nutritional value of often-discarded food products. Plus, find creative ways to eliminate trash, save money, and give leftovers a new life.

4 Reclaimed Rubber Rugs

Rug2Freshen up your home this spring with a new rug while also helping the environment. These upcycled rugs from Fab Habitat are hand woven from materials like sustainable wool, recycled soda bottles, earth-friendly jute (made from vegetable fiber) and more. All rugs are made using eco-friendly practices and organic dyes.
Starting at $29.00

5 Herbal Allergy Remedies

Olbas OilSpring is in the air…and so is the pollen! Keep allergies in check with Olbas Oil. Formulated in Switzerland, Olbas oil remedies are intended to soothe discomfort from colds and allergies, as well as minor aches and pains. The essential oils in Olbas have a rich history of aromatherapy usage dating back to the ancient Egyptians and Chinese.
$9.50 for a .32-ounce bottle

6 “Green” Your Blackout Curtains

Lorcan - Blue - 84in Rod Pocket panelAs the sun rises earlier, keep your bedroom cooler and darker with the Lorcan Repreve Thermaweave sustainable curtains from Eclipse. These curtains are constructed from fibers made with recycled materials including used plastic bottles. These fibers are collected and put through a unique conversion process where they are reformulated and woven into each curtain. The Repreve process emits fewer greenhouse gasses, providing a sustainable final product. With four levels of opacity available, there’s a curtain to fit each room’s particular needs. Now available at Target stores.

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