Cool Outrageous Stuff: November 2015

compostablesCompostable Dinnerware

If you must use single-serve plates or cups this holiday season, consider dining ware from Repurpose Compostables. Their line includes cups, bowls, plates, forks, spoons and knives that are made from corn, sugar and bamboo. These products are 100 percent compostable in 90 days, instead of sitting in a landfill forever. They are also BPA-free, chlorine-free, petroleum-free, and use only soy-based inks! Prices vary

loose powdersMineral Powder Foundation

This 100 percent vegan, loose mineral powder foundation from Advanced Mineral Makeup functions as a foundation, powder, concealer and SPF all in one. Contains Vitamin A and E to fight free radical damage and creates beautiful coverage alone or over Advanced Mineral liquid foundation. $35.00


bottleHydrate in Style

This Love Bottle shows off the magic of the hustle and bustle of a big city. Love Bottles spread the message that you can make a difference by reducing the amount of plastic water bottles that end up in our landfills by using a sustainable, 40 percent recycled glass bottle instead! They come in a variety of fun prints and styles. $25.00



RinsesOrganic Oral Pulling Rinse

Dale Audrey R.D.H. oral pulling rinse is the perfect blend of oils, herbs and extracts. Enhanced with neem, myrrh, clove, pomegranate extract and oil of oregano, it’s great for gum health, canker sores, irritations, dry mouth, TMJ problems and much more. Available in four flavors: Mint, Cinnamon, Ginger and Bubblegum. $14.95 (48 swishes, 1.5 month supply)


Veri SodaOrganic Soda

When the kids are begging for soda this holiday season, swap out sugar- and calorie-laden sodas with USDA certified organic Veri soda. Available in four traditional flavors: cola, orange, lemon-lime and ginger ale, Veri sodas include organic ingredients and are low in real sugar and calories. Prices vary

Arcopedico BootsVegan Slouch Boots

These boots by Arcopedico feature machine washable, water-resistant patented Lytech fabric and faux-reptile calf and heel accents, making them both fashionable and practical for winter wear. Lightweight and flexible, these boots will keep your feet happy en route to holiday celebrations. Available in black or brown. $115.00


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