Brooks Running Headquarters Named One of World’s Greenest Buildings

Brooks Runnings HeadquartersBy Ludwig Ahgren

The headquarters for Brooks Running is located in the Stone34 building in Seattle, WA. The building was certified by the Living Building Pilot Program last week after a year of rigorous testing making it one of the greenest buildings in the world.

It was a brave decision for Seattle-based Brooks Running to create their new headquarters under the ‘Living Building Pilot Program’. Only one other building has passed the program in the three years of the its existence. The program is an initiative set forth by the City of Seattle to promote the creation of green buildings with the highest level of sustainability. The incentive for companies is the permission to ‘depart’ from the Seattle Land Use Code in the creation of their building if they pass the tests.brooks-running-logo

The program has several green benchmarks that need to be met, if a building fails to complete any, there will be financial penalties. The program requires a building to have 75% less water usage, capture and use 50% of rainwater, and use 25% less energy in comparison to similar sized buildings.

The team behind the construction of Brooks Running headquarters is Skanska USA. This was their first project in Seattle. The company praised the landmark and said, “We couldn’t be prouder that Brooks Running, who also took huge risks, crossed the finished line at levels beyond our wildest dreams.”

The building uses rainwater in toilets, contains thermal storage tanks and is highly-insulated to retain heat. Brooks Running occupies two-thirds of Stone34. They keep a display that shows live updates of their water, energy and light consumption in a pubic cafe on the ground level of the building to show the world their green innovations.

Read more about the accomplishment.

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