5 Signs That Your Child Might Need Glasses


Does your child complain of headaches, or have their grades suddenly dropped?  It can be hard to spot when your child may or may not need glasses.  Look for these five signs before you schedule your child’s visit to the eye doctor.


1. Does your child experience frequent headaches?
Many optometrists say if your child experiences headaches while reading, watching TV or using the computer, you should schedule a visit to get their eyes checked.  Watch whether your child frequently rubs their eyes – this is a sign of eye fatigue. Blurred and double vision may also occur.

2. When your child reads, do you notice them closing one eye to see better?
Closing one eye to read, squinting and even tilting one’s head to the side are all signs that your child’s vision should be tested.

3. Do you notice your child’s grades have dropped in school?
It may be a good idea to talk to your child’s teacher.  If you or their teacher cannot figure out why your child’s grades have dropped, their vision may be the culprit.  If your child cannot see the blackboard or what’s written on it, they may have difficulty producing their best work in class.

4. Is your child sitting too close to the computer or TV screen?
Your child may not be sitting so close to the tube because they’re really interested in the program – they just might not be able to see the screen well.  If your child is sitting closer than an arm’s length from the screen, they are too close.  This is often a sign of nearsightedness.

5. Does your child lose their place while reading?
If your child skips lines or loses their place while reading, this could be a sign of vision problems.  An astigmatism, an eye or lens defect caused by deviation from the eye’s spherical shape, could be the cause.

In general, if you sense something may be wrong with your eyesight, consult an optometrist or ophthalmologist.


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